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Too Human is a great Action/RPG despite all of the negativity. 3

Too Human is both one of the most expensive video games to ever be produced, and also one that has taken the longest...that alone creates impossible expectations for a game to overcome, but besides that Too Human had a lot going against it. Too Human first started as a Playstaion title, but, due to technical limitations, Silicon Knights decided to set back production on the game. So, next, they tried re-making the game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Once again, they felt that they were being const...

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Wow...even better than the original. 0

I purchased Geometry Wars the day it came out, and it has been my free time killing game ever since. Now, I felt I owed it to myself to download Geometry Wars 2 the day it came out. It is AWESOME!There are new game modes, Co-Op, and even a updating friends leaderboard. The graphics are even better, and the great thing is, Geo Wars 2 actually scales to HD widescreen now instead of stretching to fit the screen like the original. If you are prone to seizures though...don't play this game lol!Out of...

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Best RTS EVER. 0

Yes, even to all of you Starcraft fanboys out there, CoH is indeed the best RTS game ever to hit the market. Not only are the graphics unlike anything ever seen in the RTS genre, but it is an incredibly polished title.Company of Heroes has a campaign that will take you about 12 hours to beat on the standard difficulty setting. The campaign takes you through D-Day, all the way through to the breaking of the German war machines back at the end of the war. All in all it is a fun, tactical, and prog...

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Great game, great price! 0

With all the mixed opinions about Lost Planet, it is hard to take it very seriously, but after playing this game for about four hours I was sold. At first the game seems to move much too quickly, starting you off in a underground complex with your father and a group of men, retreating from a horde of alien creatures known as the Akrid. Pretty soon you find yourself immersed in a cinematic like experience, running from a giant Akrid known as Green-Eye, your squad mates cover your back while you r...

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Couldn't think of a better way to end the best video game trilogy 0

 Since the release for Halo:CE back in 2001, the Halo franchise has exploded, single handedly leading Microsoft into the big market gaming business. Now, with Halo 3, the series closing chapter and final part of a Epic trilogy, people all over are frothing at the mouth to get a hold on a copy of the game. Gameplay wise, Halo 3 still delivers the fast paced FPS shoot-em up that we have all come to know and love. But, Bungie has decided to throw the addition of a few new things into the old formul...

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