My Top 10 Games of 2013

This is a list of my favorite games of 2013 enjoy!

List items

  • From the story, graphics and game mechanics this game was my absolute favorite game of 2013. Its got a fairly original story with a fun battle system that has monster building similar to Pokemon!

  • I have always loved Zelda games but this game reminded me why and made it feel like the first time ever playing a Zelda game and that's something I have experienced in a long time. No hand holding and the ability to do the dungeons in the order you want make this game far better than the recent Zeldas.

  • I have always loved the Tales Of games but this one has blow away any of recent memory from a great epic story to likable story and enhanced battle system this was one of the most enjoyable games this year.

  • This game has one of the most intense stories in gaming. Not only does it have an amazing opening but it never lets go. The clickers are one of the most terrifying new enemies of the year maybe this entire generation. This game is the perfect way to say goodbye to PS3.

  • Not only is this the best Fire Emblem game but its one of the best strategy games I have ever played. Its accessible but also challenging. Death plays a huge role in this series and its always fun to go through with the goal of no party member dying.

  • Not only is this my favorite Assassin's Creed but its my favorite Pirate game. Why doesn't more games put you in the shoes of Pirates? Anyways its just pure fun and the character is having fun with you and that really make all the difference.

  • Like many games in this list this game reminds me why I liked the series in the first part and this may be close to the best in the series. With a lot for you to do in this game it also has a fairly interesting story and as Sam goes back to stealth it shows all other games how stealth should be done.

  • Yes this game came out in 2013 and its a shame people forgot about it. This game reminded me of what action platformers were like for PS2 and that's all I could ask for, so good and just play fun gameplay.

  • This game continues the crazy of Saints Row. Its amazing how much this game feels kinda like The Fast and the Furious of the Video Game Universe. This is a better Crackdown than Crackdown 2!

  • The levels in this game are so creative and refreshing that they beg and need to be experienced by everyone. This is the game Nintendo should have launched the Wii U with!