Top 10 Games of 2016

2016 was a great year for games. It its pretty amazing how good 2015-2016 is and how good 2017 is looking so far. Maybe it truly is the best time to be playing video games. Before I start I want to give some honorable mentions to stuff that just didn't quite make it. Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Pokemon Moon, Tokyo Mirage, Dishonored 2, Hyper Light Drifter and Dragon Quest Builders all absolutely fantastic games but just didn't quite make the cut I can only have 10 you know.

List items

  • The first time in years the top of my list isn't an RPG. This game is so amazing from start to finish. The visuals, music, story, gameplay, speed. I wish FPS moved this fast now a days it took me back and it had an absolute amazing campaign that felt like a roller coaster in your living room.

  • Do you have the need for speed? Do you want to feel happy and have a light hearted good time? Then this game is for you. From the atmosphere to the awesome Australian setting this game had me smiling the whole time I played. Sometimes you just need a game that makes you happy and it helps when its this good to boot.

  • I love mechs. Not only does this game have a great single player but the multiplayer is top notch. No other games multiplayer hooked me quite like this one and on top of that the single player campaign was amazing full of wow moments some where I actually verbally said wow.

  • You like Pokemon, what about a darker and better story with a pokemon like game? That is what Cyber Sleuth was for me. Awesome visuals, good story and fun Pokemon like gameplay that felt different enough it felt like an advancement not a clone.

  • I always liked the Hitman franchise but this is by far the best entry. It has everything a Hitman fan could want and more. They have perfected the gameplay and given you truly an open world to get your target anyway you see fit.

  • What a surprise. This is a great game. From the awesome setting and good looking world to having good characters that when I first saw them thought they looked annoying at best. They really make good with the characters and writing its quite amazing. The open world its really unique too because I feel like this game really nails the hack the city vibe the first one tried to go for. It really changes the open world for me to be able to call the cops on someone I think is being a dick or read up on who the people around me are. Highly recommended.

  • I was hoping beyond all hopes this game would be good. I was rewarded. The combat is awesome and there are two ways you can enjoy it active and wait. The story could use some work which is hard to say for an RPG but the combat and the side quest stuff was so good in this game I had to give it a nod. Not to mention I think they created good characters this time round.

  • Great story and characters with an ending that will please fans! This is all I could ask for from the final Uncharted and they delivered. The pirate theme helped a lot too! Visually amazing too and I think that really helped make the characters reactions and emotions show through on screen. Same fun gameplay and they even added their own horde mode recently which was fun to jump into!

  • I was hoping this would be good but wasn't sure. But they truly brought Gears back. It has been awhile since 3 (dont talk about Judgment). I really liked the new characters and exploring what has happened in the Gears world since I left and some really great interactions with a certain old man left me laughing. Horde mode is back too and they have reworked it. Its a deeper system now and thats cool especially when you are going to spend hours and hours with the game if a party member doesn't drop.

  • This game could have been awful. Instead it is faithful to the anime and super super fun. Killing giant naked anime men couldn't be more satisfying you also get a fun pop up everytime you do it. It feels rewarding and you are zipping around cutting down giants. There is plenty to do in this game and its probably the best Dynasty Warriors like game in years.