Top 10 Games of 2019

2019 was a year where for most of the year I didn't think I would have 10 games to put on this list but it was stacked the last few months. I wish game publishers would spread things out a bit more... Anyways this was a mild year for me with a few excellent games and a lot of good games the Switch really dominated with exclusives.

A few honorable mentions that barely made it:

Kingdom Hearts 3 was great this year and good ending to the series but left things a little too open for my tastes. The combat was fun and continues to be the best part of that series.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 built upon what the first one started and became way more vast and sprawling. It oozes charm and its addictive to continue to build in that fun world.

List items

  • Control is mind warping, eye opening, psychological thrill ride. I love it so freaking much. The story and the places it goes had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. The combat is fast fluid and fun. I love to move things with my mind and fling it at enemies and this game does it better than any other one I have played. The artistic presentation on this game is top notch and reminds me a lot of Legion (a fantastic show). The Maze Sequence is the best moment I have had this whole year and something you shouldn't spoil for yourself. It out weirded Hideo Kojima while still making complete sense so how could it not be at #1.

  • Death Stranding is an amazing game that I am thankful was able to be made. It feels like one of those weird PS1 Japanese games that never get made anymore and I absolutely love it for that. With clear influence from Evangelion (watch it on Netflix if you haven't) I loved the world Kojima built. Its a game that wants to preserve life rather than have you kill a bunch of dudes and for that alone it is fascinating. The story is weird but still remains grounded in a way you can understand with great performances from everyone involved.

  • This game dominated my weekends for months. I really didn't think I would like this game as much as I ended up loving it. I have never been a fan of social links and those systems in games but this game streamlines it in a way that is accessible and fun. The strategy is fun as all other Fire Emblems have been.The story is compelling especially the time jump. My campaign ended up feeling like Game of Thrones. It was fun to compare all the differences with friends and see how different everything ended up being and this game has great replay value with 4 very different runs.

  • This is the best Borderlands there I said it. 2 is great and 1 started this series off strong but this took Borderlands where I have always wanted it to go... planet hopping. With a lot of very varied environments to the best story the series has ever had to really good villains I had a blast the entire time. Shooting the guns feels better than ever and the game has some massive quality of life improvements over the others.

  • This game has a fantastic opening and I feel like it remains strong through out. It is a smaller scale Fallout without feeling smaller. I ran into 0 bugs in my playtime which is a first for these kinds of games. The writing is strong and has some great characters. The shooting is fun and the dialogue was always interesting. Each world had a different story to enjoy that tied into the overall plot. Its the best Fallout game this gen ;)

  • Days Gone is incredibly underrated. The story is well written and complete. Its a long game but it never feels like anything is filler the story is always moving forward and getting progressively crazier which I appreciated. The main character sucks at first but gets better as you continue to play (that's character development folks). The gameplay is fun and the zombies feel different enough from other games that I didn't feel bored by them. Driving around on the motorcycle was fun and all the environments were gorgeous.

  • Platinum Games at their best is always a treat. Astral Chain has a super interesting story/world to go with the stylish action. The gameplay consists of the normal Platinum action but with the added twist of having a monster chained to you that helps you fight its a lot more fun then it sounds and adds some extra depth including being able to use the chain that connects you to fight as well. There are parts in each chapter where you also play detective which is fun. The story is gripping and the art style is my favorite I have seen from Platinum.

  • If you told me we were going to get a fantastic Symphony of the Night game this year I would have been shocked and still am. Out of all the Metroidvania clones out there this one feels unique and most like the best Castlevania to have ever existed. In fact it goes beyond where that game went. The shard powers change up the game a lot and depending on what you use your playthrough will be quite different from your friends. There are a lot of powers to collect and use and the story gets quite crazy in the second half. But everything feels fast and fluid just like one of these games should. Addictive side quests and fun bosses await you in this fantastic love letter to Symphony of the Night!

  • I waited so long for there to be a third Ultimate Alliance 3. This one is pure fun. With very different feeling characters to choose from building your team of four never felt boring. It could have had a better loot system but overall its the best Beat Em Up this year and really sometimes I just want to punch dudes in the face. The story is an engaging Marvel story that will have you meeting a lot of villains along the way. The updates to this game have brought new modes and more ways to play.

  • I love mechs. There are not enough mech games in this world. Hell there are not enough mech shows being produced anymore. This game is a modern Armored Core game and it has been very overlooked. The story and characters are very meh but the gameplay is where its at. A fun and addictive mission system with lots of loot to collect to build onto your Mech. Building and customizing your Mech is as detailed as anything in the genre. There are a lot of stats to look at and compare when changing out parts on your Mech and you build it to your liking and play style. If you ever wanted to feel like a anime Mech pilot this game gives you all the tools to feel that way. Plus the cell shaded art style looks fantastic on the Switch.