Top 10 Games of 2020

2020 was a year...... anyways lets get on to the games.

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  • This game is my dream game. A dream come true. There are not enough true Samurai games out there now a days. This one is beautiful and I do mean beautiful. My Twitter account basically became a Ghost of Tsushima photo account for at least a month while I was playing. The art direction is unlike anything I have seen for a game. The combat is brutal and fast. Stealth or Samurai, ultimately you use both but you feel like such a bad ass doing it. The story is dark one of suffering, heroism, idealism and breaking norms for the greater good. Jin is a great character full of life and written with care. At the end of PS4s lifecycle I think this will go down as my favorite PlayStation Studios game of a beyond ultra fantastic generation of games.

  • Hades is pretty much the perfect video game. I don't like Rogue Like games but I love this one. The combat feels so good to play. The story is expertly written. The Characters are all very flushed out as you get to know them through your many runs through the games dungeon. The art is beautiful to look at. There is almost no game that does the combat better than Hades. When you play it you will know what I am talking about. Each run is so different from the last depending on what God boons you pick up. You will be switching strategies and no run is the same. Between the many different weapons, God boons, and many systems to level you will be playing Hades long after the initial end.

  • PLAY 13 Sentinels! This game is gorgeous to look at. Its a VN and real time strategy rpg. More VN than the latter. Not a fan of VN but that really shows how special this game is. For one: Mechs and Scifi! So I was into it from the very start. But the story is the GREATEST story ever told in a video game. Its Scifi, Mechs, Time Travel all wrapped up in a beautiful anime aesthetic. I cannot recommend this game enough.

  • I waited for YEARS for Phantasy Star Online 2. I love the original with all my heart. Its better than 2 but that doesn't mean 2 doesn't have plenty of good going for it. I cried when it was announced to finally be coming to the West, the wait was so long and seemed like it would never happen. Playing it and booting it up for the first time this year was really something special. Still feels like PSO with a lot of added stuff. Lots of added classes, new environments and its extremely fun action combat. The story is garbage and the graphics are dated but that did not take away from this game for me. I have booted it up at least once a week since launch and I pretty much have never done that in my life.

  • Final Fantasy 7 is a legendary RPG. It transcends just RPG fans and is probably the most popular RPG of all time. This remake is beautiful. The combat system is a much better and much improved version of FF15's battle system. The world and added story and character depth really add to FF7. It is a must play. While I am not a fan of the final chapter and the ending bits of the story for this part 1 of the remake it doesn't take away from what they did. Fun combat, excellent writing and a great start to this legendary remake.

  • What a franchise. What a world they have built. The Last of Us Part 2 really dives a bit more into the bigger world that is The Last of Us and with that we see an even darker side of the game world. The audio design is beyond anything I have heard before in a game it is perfect. The gameplay is brutal and often very heart pounding. While I think the stories writing could have used a bit of help and it is very long this story of revenge, suffering, loss and forgiveness is a masterpiece in so many ways you have to play it.

  • Cyberpunk has had a rough launch. I played on Series X and didn't have many problems but knowing how others have had to experience it saddens me because its a really great game. While I think its not as good as Witcher 3 there was a lot riding on Cyberpunk. Story and characters are really fantastic and had me thinking about them far after I was done, I still think about how the story made me feel even today 17 days after finishing it. The city is the star of this game. Its expertly crafted and beautiful. It feels so original and really feels like something special, you want to be and live in that world. The gameplay is fun but doesn't do anything overly new. But makes up for it with the world design, story and characters of this world. Night City is just so fun to be a part of there is no way I am not going back.

  • The Pathless really surprised me. Its kinda like a short Zelda game that uses a bow. It has a wonderful world built in a way for you to explore and discover. There are many puzzles kinda like the small puzzle dungeons of BOTW that are fun to figure out and never frustrating. Often puzzle games get too up their own ass but this one never does. The combat reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus in a way since you are hitting parts on a giant beast. Its pure joy the whole time you play and it runs like a dream.

  • I grew up playing 90s era shooters but that kind of game is basically dead these days. Imagine my excitement when I see Ion Fury. This game took me back to when I was a kid at my dad's PC playing games like Doom for the first time. Its got that old shooter charm the kind of gameplay you don't get now. It made me miss that type of game and it helped that this one was beyond excellent. It has attitude, grit and packs a punch. If you are looking for a shooter that feels like it came from another era play Ion Fury.

  • As someone who hasn't been a huge Crash fan in the past but have enjoyed them alright Crash 4 was a big surprise. It added enough modern inventions to make it truly something special. Its a hard game especially the last part of the last level but I made it through and it truly felt worth it. Plenty of levels and variety, lots of charm, fun powers that get introduced in the game at a perfect pace. Crash 4 is undoubtable one of the best games of 2020.