Top 10 Games of the Decade 2010-2019

Well another decade done. Crazy to think about. This list was very hard to make and if asked tomorrow I would probably make more changes to it but that's because there are so many games to choose from. I almost made this top 20 instead to make it easier on myself but regardless here is my top 10 games of the decade.

List items

  • This game is nearly perfect. The story telling and writing is top notch. The graphics are amazing. The world is well realized. It took what Bethesda aimed of their open world RPGs to be and defied all expectations. Its by far the best open world RPG ever created there is such a gap between this game and others its hard to really compare. If you haven't played this do so!

  • This game changed how Open World design should be... well designed. This game is all about exploring and discovering the world around you. No other game has done this better. It doesn't have a ton of icons all over a map for you to go to. It let's you discover the world. Its truly decade defining.

  • This is the game that launched our current wave of PS4 exclusives. The Last of US was so good Sony modeled their entire line of exclusives after how Last of Us did its story telling. The opening is eye draining sad. The world is creepy, the characters feel real with flaws. The gameplay is fun and the clickers and some of the most nightmare inducing enemies this decade.

  • This game ruined all other games for me for a long long time. It is the most perfect version of Bethesda style open world rpg. From the atmosphere to the unending quest system its easy to get trapped in this world and stay for a long time. It has been re-released so many times for a reason. It feels like this game kick started a wave of RPGs again after feeling a bit dry for so long it made them popular again.

  • While Witcher is the most perfect open world RPG ever made Dragon Quest 11 has to be the most perfect turn based RPG ever made. From a fun cast of characters to a fast and fluid battle system this game has everything a Turn Based RPG fan could want. Great story with some fun twists and the art is beautiful. It does everything right and with high production value that Turn Based RPGs just don't see anymore.

  • This game saved this franchise. Fire Emblem was nearly dead when Awakening came out and it was done so well it gained so much popularity from it its now one of Nintendo's go to franchises. This game is the perfect strategy RPG. It incorporated missions that you could go on to train your guys in-between big missions, social time with your companions and a amazing edge of your seat story.

  • Nier Automata made Nier popular it was niche before to a T. It starts out with a bang and doesn't let go until the very end. This is Platinum at its best and Yoko Taro at his absolute best. If you haven't been spoiled on the story jump in now before you get spoiled. This game is truly something special and stands out as one of the top games of the decade with ease.

  • Mass Effect is such a strong franchise but two stands above the rest as the absolute king. It redefined what one did and made the gameplay that much better. It didn't just do that though it built out one of the best casts of characters ever conceived.The companion missions are some of the best I have ever experienced and certainty leaves Mass Effect 2 at the top of this decade.

  • Everyone is here and they meant it. This is the biggest fighting game roster every created and it is crafted immaculately. Lots of modes, tons of characters, a crazy amount of music to enjoy. This game has something for everyone and I don't see how they beat this Smash after its so good they have painted themselves into a corner.

  • This game made Forza my favorite racing franchise because of how good it feels to play. It refined the formula to come out perfect. Music, location, fun races, fantastic cars, perfect controls all contribute to this being the top racer maybe not even of just this decade but of all time.