Oculus Rift: Tuscany Demo 2.0

It's been a while since I used the Oculus Rift, so to ease myself back into things, I decided to check out the updated Tuscany demo. In the original Tuscany demo video I did, I commented on there not being sound and the water being static. The updated version of the demo addresses these issues, along with adding a lot more to the scenery in general. Butterflies!

I cleaned the lenses of the Rift after this video and was able to get rid of all the specks but one. Hopefully lens cleaner will work on it, or I may have to get a replacement! The difficulty in cleaning the device is something I feel has to be addressed in the consumer version. It's quite frustrating.

Earlier today I recorded the demo I mentioned in this video where I examine a high-quality 3D scan of a virtual woman. I will be uploading that Wednesday evening as I have a fitting in Wilmington to go to in about six hours (I should really be in bed right now). It's the most futuristic thing I've experienced yet, so look forward to that soon!

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