Road Trip

In December 2011 my brother and I took a road trip for Christmas. First, we drove from North Carolina to Washington, D.C., then from there to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and from there to Kansas to visit our mom. Usually when we take trips I fill up my phone with old Bombcasts, but I've heard most of them at least two or even three times now, so I needed to find something different. I don't listen to any other podcasts and generally don't like to listen to music anymore (unless it's a soundtrack I can associate with some experience I had, like a game or movie), but I wanted something that wouldn't easily be tuned out to make the drives seem shorter. This meant I needed people having conversations, and the only thing that came to mind that would be suitable for both my brother and I was the talk radio stations from the Grand Theft Auto series. So along with Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2009 deliberations (my brother hadn't completed Uncharted 2 when the podcast was first released), I placed Chatterbox FM from GTA III, V-Rock from Vice City (has some good music along with more Lazlow), West Coast Talk Radio from San Andreas, and Integrity 2.0 from GTA IV on to my phone. It didn't take my brother long to realize what we were listening to.

None of the subsequent talk radio stations were as good as Chatterbox FM
None of the subsequent talk radio stations were as good as Chatterbox FM

We're about to take another road trip in September after he returns from Afghanistan and I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

Do you do anything in particular for long road trips, or do you just listen to the radio?