Source Filmmaker: My Tutorial Test Video

I got accepted into the Source Filmmaker beta on July 5th, and this is the first video I've made using the program - the result of spending hours watching Valve's tutorial videos and working alongside them. This is actually the first video I've ever animated, period. It's fun!

Anyway, here are some things I spent time working on that a lot of people won't notice:

0:02 - The bottom half of a body in Pyro's cart. I spent some time making sure the legs were hanging over the edge realistically.

0:05- G-Man. Can you spot him?! I actually took the time to make sure his feet were situated on the roof correctly, even though I knew no one would be able to tell.

0:06 - The devilish grin on the second Scout's face. I had to mess with a bunch of sliders for this one.

Now it's time for something original!


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