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The Giant Bomb Community Game Giveaway: Disclaimer

These video games are often used, being from my own personal collection or the collection of others, so their condition will vary (with the exception of digital games, of course). All games will be tested to ensure they work before being listed, except in cases where I cannot, such as a PAL copy of a game. These contests are intended more for people just wanting to play the games as opposed to collectors.

There is no way for me to really verify who enters, but I'd appreciate it if you only enter if you're actually able to play these games and have interest in them! If something happens to the game during shipping and it doesn't work for some reason, then... oh well! I'm paying for everything, and all you'll have to deal with is minor disappointment. I won't compensate you for that! 

I will be doing one of these every week until I run out of games. More games will be added as I beat and lose interest in them or as I receive donations!

Contests will start on Thursday at whatever time I start them and end on Wednesday at whatever time I end them. I will make a post one hour before the contest is closed.

I will then pick one winner using Random Line Picker and PM them asking for their mailing address (if applicable) and what game they want. The game will be shipped via Priority Mail with a tracking number for your convenience. (If you live in the U.S., that is. If you live anywhere else and want to enter, then you'll get some other kind of shipping speed without a tracking number!) Anyone from anywhere can enter! Games will be shipped on Saturdays.

So how do you enter? Simply answer whatever question I've come up with for that week and tell me what game you want. That's it!