Vito's Game Giveaway #8! Four Games Added!

 Art by Turbo_Toaster
 Art by Turbo_Toaster
Welcome to another special edition of Vito's Game Giveaway! First, congrats to Synthballs for winning Mass Effect 2!  Second, the reason this giveaway in particular is special is because I've received my second donation! The best part? It's from another one of our previous winners, nintendoeats, who you may remember as the winner of Splinter Cell: Conviction! This mysterious package arrived at my house earlier last week:

 This image has been heavily clone stamped.
 This image has been heavily clone stamped.

Now, you may be wondering... 

 What's in the box?!
 What's in the box?!
Well, let me tell you! (All games are NTSC.)   : 
Army of Two (PS3) 
Max Payne (PS2) 
Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PC) 
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (PS3) 
All of these games have been tested and work. The cases themselves either have stickers on them or are in not-so-great condition (and Turning Point will not arrive in its original case), but the games play fine from my experience. As I said, these contests are for people that want to play the games, not collectors... 
Now it's time for the generic stuff which you should still totally read: 
If you have games you are no longer interested in that are in good condition (as in, they work), then PM me with what game(s) you would like to donate and I will give you the mailing address you can ship them to. You will be responsible for all shipping costs.  You won't get anything for it, but I will list your name (with a link to your profile) by the game you donate in all future contests that they are available.  
Please read this before entering -  

There is no way for me to really verify who enters, but I'd appreciate it if you only enter if you're actually able to play these games and have interest in them! If something happens to the game during shipping and it doesn't work for some reason, then... oh well! I'm paying for everything, and all you'll have to deal with is minor disappointment. I won't compensate you for that! 

I will be doing one of these every week until I run out of games. More games will be added as I beat and lose interest in them or as I receive donations!

How To Play 
Tell me your favorite Brad Pitt movie! And while it's not a requirement, you should totally thank nintendoeats on his wall or something for sending this box of games! 
You have until Saturday, March 12th at whatever time I am awake and decide to end it. I will make a warning post one hour before I close the contest and select the winner. 
Previous Winners
JohnAsscream - Alan Wake (X360)
kestrel10mn - Assassin's Creed II (X360) 
zoskia -  Dead Space (PS3) 
nintendoeats -  Splinter Cell: Conviction (X360) 
DarthOniXVIII - Left 4 Dead  (X360) 
Daveyo520 - Assassin's Creed (X360) 
Synthballs - Mass Effect 2 (X360)  - Donated by zoskia