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GOTY 2016

I'm only listing five games this year. I don't feel like I played enough 2016 releases to be able to make any sort of authoritative list that isn't roughly equivalent to a "Ten 2016 Games That I Played" list.

List items

  • Following in the footsteps of Wolfenstein, this is another great revitalization of an id Software classic. The manic FPS arenas deliver a ton of exciting moments, but the big surprise here is just how deep and substantial the experience is. It's constantly rolling out new mechanics and does a great job of encouraging exploration.

  • It's bigger and better than ever, and Australia makes for a great setting with a ton of variety. Discounting the possibility of a surprise announcement of a Burnout Paradise 2, I don't think there's any chance of a better open-world racing game until Forza Horizon 4.

  • The gameplay and meta of this game aren't the deepest, but damn if it isn't still fun and easy to occasionally jump into for a bit. The character design and world-building also really has to be applauded, especially with it all being done in the confines of a multiplayer only FPS with no campaign to pump you full of exposition.

  • A really impressive take on the Harvest Moon formula that will melt hours of your life away. I know it may sound a bit reductive to refer to this as something of a Harvest Moon clone, but there's no denying the blueprint this game is following. Many others have done far worse at the task of trying to recapture that magic, so I appreciate how well it actually comes together here.

  • I love the Rhythm Heaven games. Even though a lot of content is recycled/remixed here, I still enjoyed having a good excuse to experience it again.