Kirby beginnings 3 Wieght of the Wolrd

new cast

Zeta Retuli AKA alien gray, evil dastards of the universe

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reptilian aliens master minds of a evil conspiracy to take over the world

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Princess Rosalina, the caring watcher and protector of the galaxy

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It had been some time since Sir Gim sent out Kirby, Metaknight and lady Titania in there mission to save princess Rosalina from her crashed ship. in this time Tagiri had also left his side in order to find the truth about her sister. Sir Rocky comes in Gim's office just then. Gim snaps out of his thoughts for his loved one and his men.

"any new reports?"

"Kirby and the others have reached the ship of princess Rosalina, and are geting ready for the extraction."

Gim nods

"good keep me informed on things Rocky."

"I will Sir." Rocky noticed Gims moodyness "Sir Gim if you must go check on her no one will hold it against you."

"no Sir Ricky I can not. she left on her own against my better judgement. Kirby and the others need me just as much. besides this means too much to many others then just me. you know as well as I that I can not just leave my post."

Rocky trys to relate to his feelings and lets him be.

"as you will Sir. just don't give everything up. sometimes its easy to forget that as well."

"I won't. right now though I need to be a leader first and foremost. my kingdom needs me. Kirby and the others need me too.......this isn't the first time Tagiri has run off to see her siser any how."

"yes thats true. I hope your right Sir Gim. may no ill touch are loved ones."

"thank you Rocky. keep me informed."

Rocky nods and heads back to the controll room. Gim know waiting is he can do for them all. even Tagiri

Kirby and the others reach Rosalina ship at the moment they got there they could not detect anything in the area but felt the evil of something out in the darkness.

"anything on the scanners gentlemen?"

"not a thing so far, lady Titania. i'm ........hold on."

Metaknight goes over to the controll bord next to Kirby and scans the area with him.

"three Zeta Retuli ships are showing in scanners! they got princess Rosalina's ship surrounded!"

"have they busted through the shields yet?"

"no not yet. but they could very soon!"

Titania readys her weapons and the others

"were going to need to get to her befor they do! lets get ready to enter the ship." she hands them there weapons. "remember the Zeta Retuli use psi type weapons and. these weapons and shields we have are psi and anti-psi. it should even out the odds. lets get moving!"

Kirby moves in there ship to dock with Rosalina's. with caution they enter the large ship.

"where are we?"

"sub deck 1 lady."

Kirby replys as they stop and look at the lage telescope on this deck that pointed out to the blackness of space through large poit holes. out the port hole they could see the Retulis ships in wait for there opening. Metaknight turns to them looking out to the ship.

"come lets go."


Titania takes the lead. in the controll room Lumas informs Rosalina that the knights have entered the ship.

"princess someone has entered the ship!"

"the aliens?"

she asks tone sad as though doom were on the ship.

"no! its cosmic knights!"

Rosalina sits up from her turny chair (office chair)

"show me!"

she tells him. her voice full of fear and hope at once. she then sees them moving in to level 1 where they are.


Lumas says to her. wanting to know her next move.

"get ready Lumas.....tell the others to get ready to leave the ship at once."

"very well princess! I'll tell the crew member to get research discs out as well!"

she stops him befor issuing the order.

"no Lumas tell the crew to get observatory core only. that will take three minutes tops."

"but princess what about the data discs?"

"leave them Lumas it will not be long till the enemy enters now that the knights are in."

"yes your highness!"

Lumas issued her last order then truned to the pirncess. he sees her taking a lone data core from the command station.

"lets go Lumas!"

with that they head out. by this time the Zeta Retuli were docking with Rosalina ship as well. a lone commander alpha draconin was there as well commanding the others

"who else as entered this light ship!?"

he orders the others to answer

"a small craft on the other end of the ship we can not tell what type though."

the tall tan Retuli turns ot the commander to speek more clearly then the short blues that were robed of free thought from genetic engineering.

"it could be free fighter. or cosmic warriors. it could even be cosmic knights."

"ready the crew for combat! at once!"

the commander issues the cammmand. the other Retuli mineless obey his order without thought or fear. meanwhlie Metaknight and the others pass down a long blue hall geting closer to the controll room when down a side path they see some of the Retuli moving through some of the walls headed to the command room too it seemed. they stop short of being seen. and with there psi blockers up they never noticed but keept going deeper in. then the commander comes forth with some other short blues. he stops for a moment in the hall and twichs his head. Kirby peeks out too look at the aliens only to be sopted by the commander

"the knights are here! kill them!"

he orders to the others. the blues come forther from the walls. one almost grabs hold of Kirby


Metaknight calls out. slicing its arm off its body. five more come forth, one waves its hand at Titania using a psi attcak. her psi shield takes the blow. she then swings her halberd choping the thin neck in the gray ailen. thee more enter as does the commander. he head to Kirby wacking him hard sending him flying to one side almost braking the shields. then looming over him he lifts his large psi club ready to take one last hit, but just then Metaknight jumps in and blocks the blow with his sword. the commander then truns to Metaknight.

"you'll die for that!"

he says in a loud deep shout as he then swings at him. only to be blocked again. there psi blocker were keeping there thoughts away from them for the most part. the commander drops the club and pulls out large claw blades from his hands and swipes at him missing twice and nicking him once on his side. Titania was trying to hold back the others at this point, but was being pushed back. as her shields were going to give soon at this rate but then kirby rolls out from behind Metaknight and lets out a frost blast to the grays stoping thee dead in the tracks. Titania wacks them with her halberd braking them like ice.

"Kirby I got this! help lady Titania!"

Kirby goes around then to Titania's side. the commander trys to swing at him as he passs by, but Metaknight blocks it and ends up slashing his side. the commander grunts in anger and pain, then turns back to Metaknight.

"very well then! my pawns will kill then. I'll take care of you my self!" he says swiping at him. Metaknight blocks it again holding him back. he see Kirby and Titania having a hard time clearing the grays out. the commaner turns one eye to them while keeping one on Metaknight. "there going to die! I'll see to that!" he was trying to mess with Metaknight more "the woman might live a bit longer though! human female taste good. both there flesh and sex!"

just then princess Rosalina and her crewmen come down the hall weapons in hand shooting the blues down

"lets go!"

she calls out to them as the. the commander swipes Metaknight twice more almost taking his shields down too with the strong blows. Kirby and the others start to fall back to there ship. Rosalina pass right by the commander as he swips at her as well but Kirby blocks it with his sword as she pass by. she turns to see him holding the reptilian back, she gasped at the stight. for a moment she thought Kirby would be crushed. but he manages to knock his large arm aside as they pass by.

"princess lets go!"

Lumas calls out to Rosalina. with that they slip by. all but Metaknight. he was cut off by the commander and could not pass. with one last swing he cut his shield off.

"now I can see your thoughts! your mine!"


Kirby calls out as he toss a ice weapons card as weapon in its self blowing up as a ice ball. ice stabs into the legs of the commander who was near the card when it was tossed. he screams in anger and pain again. Metaknight uses is opening to get away as well.


a gry goes up to the hurt draconian

"let them! go for now! I want this ship destroyed! let them go!"

"right away."

the gray replys. Kirby and the others get to there ship. and take off. the Retuli ships do not fire at them but were firing at the observatory. princess Rosalina sees through a port hole on there ship as they leave. a deep sadness over comes her as she sees it blowing to picecs. she closes her eyes near tears. Kirby watichs out the port hole with her and rest his small hand in her sholder.

"so its over its done? they destroyed are research."

"not quite."

Rosalina pulls out the data core she took with her.

"princees Rosalina is that what I think it is?"

"yes Lumas thats why we need to get some place safe to hand this over to the right hands."

just then a small ship hiding from all even the Retuli lie in wait. inside Nina Williams laughed at all.

"it seems you may have got away from the Retuli. but not from me princess."

she says looking over her scoop ready for attack.

meanwhile Rocky informs Gim that prnicess Rosalina was safe with Kirby and the others and that most of her crew was with them. Gim nods and thanks Sir Rocky for the updaite. his worrys then go to Tagiri who he had not heard from in days. little did he know she was in more trouble then he first thought. she was at her sisters trying to get her to leave. go off to the castle checker knights with her. her sister was upset by this

"oh Tagiri you just don't get it do you? I'm too deep in you see. and so are you, you just don't know it yet."

she snaps her fingers and three other figures come out from the darkness. Tagiri looks around in fear

"what the hell is this Tagitsu? Gim was right I should have never tryed to help some one as far gone as you!"

Tagitsu laugh at her words

"your boyfriend is very wise by that Tagiri. tell me whats it like when you two have sex?"

Tagiri throws off Tagitsu's arm from her sholder in anger and disgust.

"maybe you need a change Tagiri. someone who can give you everthing you need and want."

"your sick!"

she yells at her older sister.

"bring him in."

Tagitsu tells the others.

"I'm leaving!"

Tagiri tells her sister.

"no......your not."

just then a blue monster that looks like a troll walks in the room

"what the hell is this!"

Tagiri asks.

"he'll give you everything you need Tagiri."


Tagiri trys to go for the door but the other humans grab her. the monster then starts to rip Tagiri's clothes from her body and begens to violate her

"no! no! stop! Tagitsu plese help me!"

Tagiri calls out to her sister

"I can't. if I told you once I told you one hundred times. were play things Tagiri."

her evil sister watchs the monster violate her as she drink red wine with a grin as do the others. little did Tagiri know they were the SVs faction and were deep into programing (mindcontrolling) and joker thing (occlut groups) for the governments, demons, monster, and evil ailens.

thanks for reading okay I know that last part was gross but it was based on hentai chearters being evil. I tryed not to make it rated X or anything and get the mesage across :P but I hope it was enjoyable non the less. till next time. here is a song fitting for this blog as I leave you


Kirby Beginnings part 2

new cast

Tagiri (girlfriend of sir Gim)

No Caption Provided


older sister to Tagiri and brainwashed subject of the SVs cult

No Caption Provided

nina williams

a evil assassin of pirnce Lot, she is mad in a quest to become a god

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Sir Gim sits in wait for word of Tagiri's arrival to castle checker. with little to do he sits in the cortyard in wait. each moment geting more heavy then the last as his mind wonders. but soon there after Ocean knight informs him that she is waiting to see him.

"bring her to the cortyard plese."

"yes sir."

with that Tagiri enters the cortyard and goes over to Gim.

"sir dear sir Gim. its been so long since I've last saw you. I was becoming worryed I might not see you any time soon."

Gim was quick to comfort her.

"no. you must never think that again. you know I would never leave you behind. ever Tagiri."

"oh Gim!"

she goes over to his side and hugs him close to her self. almost in tears they both soak in the moment. once seconds of pleasure slow down Gim looks into her brown eye and asks.

"is your sister still unwell Tagiri?"

"I-I'm not sure. last I saw she seemed better. I still care for her Gim, and I hate to see her in that position of harm ever again."

"I know Tagiri......I know."

Gim caress her boy in a gentle manner of passion. it had been so long since he had seen Tagiri and his feeling were running deep for her.

"Gim I'm still worryed. the reports of strange people and......things. are still going about in are village. it has me worryed."

"what things do you mean?"

"strange things. like some say that member of a cult have taken young girls from are village and done something to them."

Gim's tone becomes worryed hearing of this news.

"but your sister is fine?"

"I-I don't know."

"I hate to ask. but are there any names or faces you can remember about these strange people? anyone your sister may have known?"

Tagiri pauses for a moent befor going on. as she trys to recall any one she saw.

"well there were these two men I remember seeing alot of. I never asked there name. I was too scard to. but one was a older man clean cut always in a sute. he-he looked like a businessman and this guy. younger in military dress uniform. he looked like a col. or something. I don't know.........then there was this girl. I remember her name sakuya. seemed sweet but I know she was up to no good. her and my sister were fighting once."

"fighting like with fists?"

"no just a verbal fight. I didn't want to get in it but I help her kick this girl out. I was scard though."

"its okay Tagiri you need not go on."

Gim hugs her once more. the feeling of him by her made it easy on her.

"I'm still worryed Gim. there were. storys going about."

"like what?"

"that them people were taking young girls and doing bad things. and even stranger stuff."

Gim at this point had to hear it. even he was worryed about Tagiri. he had never seen her like that befor. and he had to know the news, he knew it would not be well but had to hear. or so he felt.

"there were storys of these missing girls being found dead in very bad ways cut up like cult stuff........but worse of all the strange storys of inhuman things having a hand in it as well. some people said they saw this happen one night in town. this man. I'm not sure who he was. turn into this lizard thing. and how this cult was tied to them."

Gim stops and thinks for a moment

"no it can't be right."

"what Gim?"

she asks this time with fear in her voice.

"its nothing. do not worry I will not let anything happen to you ever. you should rest though. I'm sure it took some time just geting here. I'll send some one to take you to your room now."

"but what will you do Gim?"

Gim was more worryed about her story then he let her know but did not wish to cause her any more fear.

"I just need to check up on a few things I sent some of my men to do. I'll join you shortly Tagiri......wait for me my love."

she nods and lets one of the other knights take her to her room in wait of Gim. Gim walks into the ready room with the large round table and computer screems with full voice commands.

"computer open all longs in the last 6 months in regards to the reptilians and other ailen movement from that area!"

"loading.......plese wait......"

the computer replys in a mono tone female voice. Gim walks around the room as the info loads. then the computer replys

"there are three such reports reptilian activities in the area within the last six months."

"show me!"

Gim's eye goes over the display as the light from the computer shines over his face.

"no it can't be."

meanwhile Tagiri was waiting for Gim's return resting on the bed she nods off for a moment. she then wakes from the feel of a hand on her leg. she bolts and comes to. so her surprise her sister stands there in the room. as real as anything else but she also knows its not possible. her sister was more then 3 days travel from her at best.

"hello little sister!"

she tells Tagiri with a evil air to her.

"Tagitsu how did you get here?"

Tagiri pushs her self away from her sister in fear.

"oh its so easy for us Tagiri. you need not fear. we'll take good care of you now."

Tagitsu's tone was pure evil to her sister as she reached out to her.

"no what has happened to you Tagitsu?!"

"something wonderfull."

she replys.

"no! stay back. Gim! oh god! I know what you and the others did to the other girls. you hurt them then killed them!"

"oh Tagiri all us pretty girls are play things for them. play till you die!"

she puts her hand out to Tagiri trying to grab her.


Tagiri reachs out and snaps one of her sisters fingers. green slime comes out instead of blood. she hised at Tagiri. just then she could hear the sound of Gim's voice just outside the room talking to one of his men


she screems out in a cough. Tagitsu's face become inhuman as she rolls under Tagiri's bed as to get away. Gim hears and enters.

"whats wrong!"

he asks he sees her in the bed having some kind of attack. almost like choking.

"its okay! your safe with me! its not real your having a bad dream Tagiri!"

Tagiri snaps to just then

"no no no! it was not a bad dream! shes under the bed!"

Gim ducks to see but finds nothing.

"there is nothing there."

"no she was hear, it was my sister!"

Gim was confused but ordered his knights to look around.

"check the area. and make sure to check the security system as well. make sure no one has come in!"

"no Gim she used her dark arts to enter as they all do!"

Gim hugs Tagiri as tears roll down her face. the night goes on and they found no signs that anyone entered the castle. all Gim could do was feel puzzled by what had happened last night. meanwhile trouble was coming from other ends as well. prince Lot was at a meeting with a assassin in order to stop Kirby and the other from finding princess Rosalina. siting in a turny chair (office chair) a woman sat with long blonde hair and full blue combat sute. she slowly turns to face prince Lot

"Nina.....Immanuel.........Williams. at your service prince."

"I'm sure by now you know they put knights to look for are princess! this will make matters harder now. no one must know of are work together!"


Nina tells him

"so your not worryed?"

"no...of coruse not dear prince. I can handle all of them."

prince Lot did not take kind to her attitude to the situation and snaps at her.

"***damnit! its are heads if this goes wrong!"

Nina stays cool though

"oh prince. you need not worry so. I'll fix it. the knights are nothing for me to deal with.........the princess will be dead as well soon enough. give me a chance."

"make it good! make it real good!"

"of coruse prince. for are new age. anything. are NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM! I'll fine you lost princess."

"Nina's eyes go cold and evil.


Kirby beginnings

Okay everyone here is a new blog. no its no Knight of the old code fic but rather a prequel to all of that as a test to KOTOC. okay the main cast in this part are


 Sir Gim

 Sir Rocky




kirby beginnings

All legends have a beginning. but not all stay so alive in time for me. in my mind. in my heart.


Sir metaknight enters the grate hall of castle checker, aling his side Sir Gim, captain of the knights a 2th to Sir Rocky. there clip was fast but not to mix up there steps.Sir Gim turns his robotic eye to Sir Metaknight as the walk along the ends of the grate hall out to the hall.
Is it true that the adviser from Tellius will arrive on time?
yes Sir. from what I hear there just as upset as us over the breach in the cosmic line, and then many co.s suporting prince Lot's new rule s since his father, the king cane fall ill. its not easy to say where this will be going Sir.
Sir Metaknight replys to him master and teacher Sir Gim, but never turns as the walk down the long castle hall to the weapons room.
thats not good news. so what new co's have joined in this madness?
Gim asks
Warp line co., Master maker, DOATEC, and others are beginning to feel the prince is right in his stance in the matter.
Sir Gim paused and stoped in the hall. Metaknight stoped along side him as to wait for him.
you know this could mean rebellion in the kingdom unlike any we have seen in are time. are only hope is to move now whle the king still hangs to life. but I fear that will not last.
and what of prince Dedede?
he's still only a boy Sir Metaknight. I do not belive he is ready for the task. and his father has put many ill ideas in his mind as well.
Sir Gim begins to walk down the hall once more then stops at the large wood door to his office.
thanks you Metaknight. let me know once the adviser has arrived.
of corse Sir.
he bows and heads down the hall to the training aera and sees Kirby hard at work with the other knights in training. this was his last week befor entering full knighthood. Meatknight stops for a moment and recalls the time he first got his feet wet. in that misstion a train car was riged to blow with 800 people on it and the tasks was hard even for the older knights. that day many brave men and wemen lost there lives to save those in that car. he remembers the hard choice to make of cuting the 8 cars by 2 to save those on the other 6. but in a nick of time 7 other air ride machines with knights showed up to glide the other 2 cars to safety as he took controll back from the banits who commendeared the train for loot and slaves to take across the line. most of the wemen and children were safe from harm but a few of the men on board as well as some of the knights didn't make it back to safety. just then Red knight informs him the adviser has arrived. metaknight tells him to lead him to the adviser. he takes him to the grate hall there waiting was a beautiful woman with a crimson red hair braid and white armor. she turns to face them as Red knight bows to leave on other tasks
Sir. by your leave.
he tells Metaknight. the adviser walks over slowly to Sir Metaknight looking down at him, her hair strands that hang from the sides out of the main braid cover the side of her face her soft glow captures Metaknight for a moment as she smiles at him.
well now Sir?
uh....Metaknight dear lady.
yes Metaknight. my name is Titania of Tellius royal knights. at you service.
thank you. it a honor to meet with you.
Metaknight keeps his eyes locked on her the whole time. Titania smacks the side of her hip and nods
well if I can see you captain and other leaders so I may inform them of the situation as we know it Sir.
of corse lady Titania. this way.
he motions her down the hall to meet with Sir Gim and Sir Rocky. they enter the large wood door into Gim's office. Gim and Rocky were already talking into matters about the co.s and how thet played a hand in this all.
ever since DOATEC's CEO died a few years back it has fallen into the hands of many other people wishing for controll of the whole thing.
I thought Mr. Douglas wish was that his wife got the co. once he died?
Gim adds
no. she wanted to part of it for some reason. so it will go to his daughter once she's of age I hear.
they both look up from the large round table covered in many papers they were going over.
master Gim. master Rocky. the lady Titania of Tellius royal knights.
an honor lady.
Sir Rocky tells her as he shakes her hand.
Gim bows then looks back up.
what can you tell us about this attack force from the cosmic line we keep hearing about so much Titania?
Sir rock points to one of the maps as he asks right at the cosmic line.
mass army of phazic aliens from far off are headed to the line. they are very mean and wicked from what I hear. it seems they serve some other cosmic force. to what end were not sure.
cosmic force?
Gim asks wanting an answer as to how and who.
yes it would seem from are report they may be in league with dark matter.
dark matter? but Kirby beat them over three years ago.'
Titania opens a case she had in her hand the whole time and removes a few papers from it and puts them down infront of the others. it shows the part of space just outside of Pop star just befor the cosmic line. dark blobs cover parts of the map.
as you can see gentlemen are watchers have picked up this over and near the cosmic line.
when was this taken?
about.....4 months ago Sir Gim.
thats long. we better get Kirby on this one then.
but Sir. Kirby has not even finshed his training as of yet. it will be another week!
its okay metaknight. kirby has got his feet wet once already. he as much a knight as any of us. I don't dout that. after all he saved the land once from this dark matter. just be sure to work with him Metaknight,
yes Sir at your will.
lady titania what of your king's stance on this matter?
he is as worryed about this for his kingdom as any of us. in truth non of us know how this will pan out for sure Sir Gim.
I see. well we better get ready to send out a scout party to have a look out the. get kirby ready--
Titania stops him there her tone was serious and her green eyes dart to both master Gim and Rocky.
gentlemen we don't have time of that. there was a momentary pause then Titania goes in. galaxy aera of space as already been attacked. princess Rosalina is traped and we think she won't last long now. thats why prince Renning and his brother the king wish to help. but are tied up with issues at home. thats why they sent me with the info, and as a guide to give you the heads up on all we know.
this is not good! now princess Rosalina's life is in danger as well. we must move of the galaxy aera now! get Kirby here for briefing now.
right away Sir.
Gim knew if anyone was up for the task it was Kirby. he had fought dark matter befor and we was going to get his feet wet once more along with Metaknight and lady Titania. as for him he had pressing matter he had needed to get to for some time. things were going to get crazy soon, and there wasn't a damn thing to stop it now. the only hope was to be ready for when. 
thats for reading everyone hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. here is some music that goes for this stroy to top it off.
FYI some of my own videos with these songs will be coming soon.    

Suporting characters of Knights of the old code

Okay everone befor I move on to adding parts of my fic Kirby Knight of the old code on blogs I'm going to add the last list of Suporting characters for the story to help the readers understand a bit better befor hand, also I would like to thank all my friends who have seen my blogs to this point, thank you all very much! you guys are super, well without more to do lets get on to the list.

Good guys

Ms Turtle is mayor and leder of a resistance movment in sunset town in knight of the old code, even though she hide things from Kirby and the others at times she feels her alaround motives are for the better of those around at the time.

Army men Bravo company

Sarge and his men join Kirby and co. in the fray! but why did they come?


a knight of checker and a old friend of Kirby's, he joins later in the story while on a recon mission of Gim and the others.

Tiff and Tuff



have long been with Kirby and have fought with him since king Dedede put there mom and dad in prison for going against his order.

Freedom Fighters


the Freedom Fighters fom the game with the same name, they join in after the first attack by king Dedede's sedition organization, they come to aid ms Turtle and the knights but in time they find a wege between them after, Christopher Stone AKA Freedom Phantom's brother (Troy Stone) dies in a later attcak by Dedede's men, how ever Isabella Angelina stays true to the movement even though at time Tiff can get on her bad side, Christopher Stone drops out for a while but rejoins, how ever he continues blame Kirby for his brothers death beyond reason.

Lunar knights


the Lunar knights join kirby and co. in the last battle.

Raticate (Pokeon)


joins in the last battle as well,he also has a team of other Pokemon at his side, Charizard, Jolteon, and Nidoking. 




he was also an ex-knight of checker along side Kirby in Kirby beginnings



 she joins in with the Lunar knights in the last battle.

Kit Cosmos


one of Kirby's old masters, he know how to open [the door] to castle checker knights, he aids Kirby in this task.

bad guys

NME sales guy


he aids king Dedede in his fight against Kirby and the resistance movment, how ever he at time seems not too friendly with king Dedede also.

Global Sedition


the Global Sedition are a terrorist organization that are run by king Dedede to make terrorist attacts against his OWN government for political gain.

89 Gorillias



the 89 Gorillias are ex-wwII vets who are now mercenaries, they now work under the dollar of the king for the time being.

thanks again for reading, my next upcoming blogs will be pieces of the 676 page fic, I hope it will grab you guys, make you laugh and think on points.


Kirby knight of the old code inside the story part one!


Kirby knight of the old code can be put as a neoclassical  knights tale only that the  characters are made up of video game  characters from kirby, pokemon, dead or  alive, and others, many of the issues in our  modern world will also be addressed in the  story, from honor (or lack of) war,  political corruption, conspiracy, morality  in the form of (why every man for himself?)   And many others, however the story is not  only about these issues is also the story of  three main characters Kirby from the Kirby  video games 


Max the main avatar from  Animal Crossing 


and Helena from Dead or  alive 


Kirby however is the head protagonist  in the story he is a character that inspires  others from words of wisdom and he's galent  demeanor, in one part were battle is  inevitable he says when this is all over  at least we'll have a chance to rebuild!   Meaning that after evil has lost there could  be a chance to build a better tomorrow for  every one, even though Kirby is called on  when all else has failed he is disliked by  many for his old outdated views that have  no place in our modern world.  However  being brave and honorable Kirby serves and  protect the innocent without question, he  often depicts the side of us that wishes to  do good in all matters, in the beginning of  the story he is patroling the area of King  Dedede's kingdom in search of new and  diabolical weapons rumored to be on the  loose by orders of the king, as the story  progresses he finds himself in a darkened  web of conspiracy and murder for hire, now he is one of the last hopes for the area of the  kingdom and freedom of its people he must  delve into the darkness and oppose the evil  might of the king!
The character Max however is different he is  more inclined to seeing things as they  truly are. (as some would put it) The dark and jaded a world where  it's every man for himself and those with  the most and biggest toys wins, his views  are set in contrary to Kirby's to bring  balance in the story as well as  inspirational clash of ideals between the  characters, however it is never   confrontation only opposites in opinion and  is only used to define the contrast in  morality from today's world in comparison to  times gone by, throughout most of the story  Max's background is kept in the dark for the  most part is later revealed he's true pass  in what he seeks as the story progresses, it  is also interesting to note that the story  is told through the eyes of Max is if you  were reading his accounts of the events that  occur in the story similarly to the style of  the Max Payne video games.
Helena is the sad heroine in the story with  a painful past seeking justice and vengeance  for crimes committed against her, she sets out  originally to do just this however not long  after seting out to do just this she is  hired out by king Dedede who falsely gives  her leads about where to find the criminal  she was looking for, accusing Kirby of  knowing his location or perhaps even being  the individual who did it, with that she sets  out to find Kirby and does so in short  order, however not long after finding Kirby  who at the time was aiding and resistance  cell is convinced to join them after seeing  much evidence that King Dedede is in fact  responsible for a diabolical conspiracy  against the people of the area as well as  the entire planet! In time the story she  begins to get closer to Kirby, even to the  point of loving Kirby, this also ties in to  the classical romantic element in most  stories involving knights and adds to the  neoclassical feel, even though not all of her  background is divulged in knight of the old  code many of the elements are as well as  strong support and character growth and  wisdom much of which is learned from her  time with Kirby in many ways she was the  character who is seeking something somewhat  like Max, in through the attentiveness of  Kirby and the others she manages to let go  of much of her pain from the past, however  is also interesting to note that at times  she manages to support Kirby as well in his  difficult trial throughout the story.

thank you for reading part one of Kirby  knight of the old code inside the  story more will be coming next week! next time it will be about the bad guys!