Games I Think are "meh" but Everyone Else Loves

Yeah, it happens to all of us; playing critically acclaimed games that most other people enjoy, yet you end up wondering what the fuzz was all about. Or even worse, outright dislike the game. This here is my list of such games.

List items

  • The biggest disappointment in gaming history. Yes, I actually think this game is outright bad in several spots. Broken leveling and scaling system, which makes everything from killing stuff to exploring for loot absolutely pointless. And the game doesn't have story, characters or interesting environments to weigh that up with either. The music is awesome, as per usual with Jeremy Soule at the helm, and I somewhat enjoyed the Dark Brotherhood and the Shivering Isles expansion (yay for good environments and an interesting world finally), but that's it. Then again, coming off of Morrowind I was expecting an RPG, not an FPS with swords.

  • I love the art-style, but that's as far as my liking of this game goes. The gameplay is just dumb. Rhythm game? Nah, barely. Not with only 4 different button combinations throughout the whole game, and the same rhythms and tempo, all the time. Bad strategy game, bad rhythm game. It's just outright boring, to be honest.

  • I liked Halo: Combat Evolved and ODST. The best in the franchise. Halo 2 and 3 on the other hand just didn't do it for me. Especially 2, which, granted, I know many consider to be the weakest in the series, but it was popular - or still is. These games look great, has fairly engaging soundtracks, and play pretty well overall I suppose. The story is also rather involved compared to many other games in the genre, but it just never grabbed me. As for gameplay I was burnt out already after the first game.

  • See Halo 2.

  • Don't get me wrong, this game is pretty good. It looks absolutely fantastic (environments, characters and animation), has among the best voice acting I've heard in a game, it has well-realized characters, and delivers a good matinée experience. The parts I don't enjoy on the other hand are the overall gameplay and shooting, the story-beats toward the end, and the fact that the game focuses so much more on action, rather than exploring ruins (and the like) which it supposedly is all about. Perhaps I'm romanticizing the Tomb Raider series, where you did more puzzle-solving and platforming than shooting, but I never enjoyed Uncharted as much as everyone else apparently did.

  • Easily the worst game in the series. Worse stealth mechanics, less gadgets, more focus on action and shooting dudes in the face. No, that's not what I want from these games. I mean, the game was decent, all in all, but also a major disappointment.

  • While a lot of people apparently considers this to be the best game in the series, I consider it to be one of the worst. It's by no means a bad game, no, it's actually pretty decent, for the most part. It's just that I can't enjoy the setting and story. While I also think the scale is on the unnecessarily large side when it's filled with practically nothing, the biggest gripe is still the fact that I can't embrace the ghetto hip-hop bling-bling culture in this game - not when the game is trying to be super-serious about it. I can't even enjoy it ironically, which I otherwise often do (I laugh my ass off whenever 50 Cent opens his mouth), and I think the game's length is to blame for that. I'm not saying it's too long, it's just too long for me personally. I love the length of the GTA games in general, but in this case even ironically funny things get tedious quickly.