ChestyMcGee: Favorites

List items

  • Ground-breaking gameplay that created the modern stealth genre combined with a cinematic style and brilliant voice acting that, along with Half-Life, had been previously unseen in video games. Also, the most sensible Metal Gear in terms of storyline.

  • I can't be bothered explaining what Gmod is...you won't get it anyway.

  • Possibly the greatest game ever made. I'm quite confident that nothing will come close to this level of perfection for a very long time. It's just sad the series has ended.

  • One of the first FPS games not to be dubbed a "Doom-clone". A fantastic storyline and great voice acting backed up a level of cinematic action, along with Metal Gear Solid, that had previously been unseen in video games.

  • A crazy twist on an earlier favourite of mine - Coolborders 2.

  • Like normal Road Rash but with a chain whip...where could it go wrong? No where! That's where!

  • An action-packed cinematic adventure, backed up by a great storyline, awesome voice acting and an innovative physics engine.

  • SImply a much needed make over to the Source Engine combined with a much needed advancement on the Half-Life storyline. Much better than the let down that was Episode 1.

  • One of the greatest games ever made. Fantastic tactical gameplay backed-up by a story that, at first glance, appears to be a simple good vs evil storyline but underneath lies a much more meaningful experience to be had.

  • Pretty much the greatest multiplayer game of all time. Sure it doesn't have online, but who needs it when you've got a multi-tap? Fast. Funny. Awesome.

  • Easily the best Ace Combat game to date. It had superb graphics for the time and console and an amazing amount of planes to choose from. It may have removed some features that made Ace Combat 4 good, but it makes up for it. Sure it has terrible voice acting and a terrible storyline, but who cares? It wouldnt be Ace Combat without them...and whoever complained about Top Gun being so corny? I'll tell you: no one. You know why? Because the flying action was amazing.

  • Insanely hard and yet insanely rewarding. The original squad-based shooter. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Sonic and Knuckles is easily my favourite Sonic game. It had a some-what darker feel to it, a long with what could be vaguely described a storyline. Oh yeah, and it had Lava Reef Zone which had easily the best music and easily the best ending to any zone in any Sonic game.

  • A new and fresh approach on the FPS that is an unsung hero of the previous generation. Far deeper and clever than the likes of Halo and with a far more impressive graphical style.

  • A spectacular spectacle of all that is random. Weirdly funny, but also a brilliant game (albeit incredibly difficult).