My top 10 games of 2010... or something!

Brought to you by CARPETS GALORE.  I totally lose perspective of time, and I don't even know what is coming out at what times anymore... 

List items

  • As a long time on-and-off competitive fighting game player, I'm glad fighting games are alive again. I've probably played Super 4 more than anything else this year.

  • What can I say, I'm another rider on the Strange Journey bandwagon. I have a deep love of world mythologies, and I like the hard sci-fi edge the game has as opposed to, say.... the Persona series, which seem to be much more popular 'Stateside.

  • It's been sitting around uncompleted for a while (hey, I still haven't even OPENED Bayonetta and I bought it when it came out) but what I played was awesome. It's a shame it lacks multiplayer, as I strongly believe it deserves more recognition than it gets... how unfortunate Gears will remain more successful (I went there!) but I think many aspects of play, especially the "slow motion" mode, would be very difficult to implement realistically in a multi-player environment.

  • I love this game and have played it an awful lot with a couple of other blokes on here, but.... ATTTTTICCAAAAA HELMEEETTSSSSSSSSS...

  • I would have forgotten about this little game if I wasn't reminded by another list on here. I was really impressed with it, this is probably more along the lines of the direction I had hoped a 3D Metroid game would have taken, rather than being an FPS.

  • Protect Me Knight, how I love thee! The game kind of brought a tear to my eye when I first turned it on, for a variety of reasons... If only it had online multi-player...

  • A great platformer, I genuinely hope it sold well enough for a sequel to be considered... I have my doubts though, considering it's DSIware.

  • And I didn't even play it! Watching others play and laughing at an ocean of hilarious glitches brought me much mirth. To top it all off, it really is a pretty good game with a fairly believable and likable protagonist and a good western setting!

  • I'm pulling this one out of my ass... hey, it brought back many a memory and many a laugh. If only there were some achievements for surviving X number of levels without continuing or something.

  • Actually, I'm kind of pushing it here as I've run out of games I can think of that I've played recently that actually came out this year... And truth be told, I don't really like this game very much! It's technically very well executed, but all the pointless name-dropping (Olrox might as well have been called Bashkor, it wouldn't change him in any way) near total lack of Dracula (no comment on the epilogue...)and classic tunes (although there were a few pieces I liked in this)made this game a bit of a disappointment for me.