GOTY 2014

DOTA 2 should be Game of all Years.

List items

  • When I think back on the games I played this year this is the one that I am still hyped about. This game was just so much fun. The way they designed the maps and movements just let you flow around the match so quickly. Add in some really fun and mobile giant robot fights. Man, this game just killed it.

  • A little busted as you'd kind of expect with this game's lineage but just a really enjoyable experience from a well made RPG.

  • I played this game pretty late and came in expecting something pretty good but even then I was blown away by it. Even if you aren't a huge South Park fan it's just a really good RPG in like a Mario RPG style kind of game. It's also just long enough to not get tired of the humor or mechanics. Just a really wonderful game all around.

  • More Far Cry but with some improvements. Was super broken when I stated playing it but once I got it working I had plenty of fun moments. The story is weak and at some point I felt myself getting open world fatigued and rushed the ending but looking back you'll have plenty of great memories.

  • It's kind of crazy how well thought out and realized the world and characters are in a Wolfenstein game. They successfully made this franchise relevant in the current generation while keeping the feel of a Wolfenstein game. Really well done story with great voice acting that really made the emotion charged scenes feel right. The shooting feels really good and when coupled with the optional stealth gameplay you feel like you have a lot of different ways to take on combat scenarios. The levels vary a lot which keeps you from getting burned out and the story breaks in the between level hub give a nice break to relax and get a better feel of the world and your fellow rebels.

  • A game that ends with a bit of a thud with the last level but good gosh did it charm the pants off me with it's style and sense of humor. It had the feel of a game inspired by WB cartoons of the past attached to a fun, quirky gameplay that I feel in love with.

  • A beautiful game with a really well told story and just an all around pleasure to play.

  • During a time when plenty of awesome couch PvP games coming out the frantic yet calculated gameplay provided by Nidhogg is my favorite.

  • The nemesis system is genuinely neat and that alone pushes this game onto my top 10. The combat, world and story is nothing special and when it comes to the combat possibly over saturated from other games but it all comes together well enough.

  • A gorgeous game that's combat mechanics give you plenty of room to experiment with different set ups and styles. Also a pretty unique way to tell the stories of the side characters that, while could easily put of others, was really appreciated.

  • Uh...this game is weird. Like, in a well done way that is reminiscent of films like Airplane.