Personal Top Games of All Times

An ever evolving list of my favorite games. Some games are here mainly because of personal experiences and nostalgia as opposed to some kind of objective idea of a classic game.

List items

  • World is probably the better game but I never owned a SNES and this is the game I play if I ever want to have that care free nostalgic fun. Easily my favortie game from childhood and that's hard to beat.

  • This is probably objectively the greatest game of all time. Kind of the perfect game that you'll never grow tired of.

  • This goes for the series as a whole. Combines my love of RPGs and with one of the most well realized sci-fi settings of any media. There have been a ton of changes between 1 and 3, and 3 may have had a lot of bummer things about it, but it's still a great franchise. It's the only game franchise that has made want to read the comics and books that are also set in it's universe.

  • Quickly climbing up the charts. Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy the theory crafting more than actually playing the game. This is the deepest competitive game I've ever played and you learn something new with every win or lose. I can't even count the number of times I'm thinking about a lost match hours later where I figure out the item or play that could have turned a lose into a win. It's also the only game where I've gotten real deep into the professional competitive scene, which can be directly attributed to the depth of the strategy of the game. It's a game where you are always learning new things no matter how long you've been playing. How crazy is that?

  • This was a fantastic game but it's here solely because of the time in my life that it hit me. This was the first game that I got big into the online scene, joining clans and playing in tournaments. This game also solidified my love of aeronautics that led to my choices in higher education and career. Plus, it's just a great arcade flight game. I still have the joystick I used for this game sitting on my desk, a Microsoft Sidewinder. The single player was a ton of fun with varied mission types and a really fun, unique alternative history setting with an air pirate film noir flair. You can build your own planes to use in single player and multiplayer. And that multiplayer. A small but dedicated and tight community.

  • places after 5 are a work in progress