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Little Big Awesome! 3

Where to begin? First of all I was not part of the LBP Beta so I really had only videos shape my idea of the game until I at last bought it the Saturday before its official Tuesday release. I have played through basically all of the single player campaign (just missing to get all the goodies) and have mucked around in the online portion now that the servers are on. Let me tell you that this game is phenomenal. I also tried the creator mode and got some stuff (nothing special yet) done. I think I...

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A good hack and slash 0

Lord of the Rings does not bring something particularly good or useful to the hack and slash table but its an average and fun to play wiht your friends if your in some LOTR vibe.The average playing mode allows you to traverse the story in the third movie whilst seeing some crappy in-game cinematics followed by some movie clips, which were of rather dull things (especially consiering that the game was released before the movie! ergo the ciips you see were mostly trailer stuff). After you finish t...

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One of the best action platformers in the NES! 0

Ah the days of 8-bit! I still have my Nintendo in working condition and this a proud addition to my console. In a time in which games were extremely merciless and developers did not care whether or not you finished a game there was Castlevania II! By far my favorite all time Castlevania it puts you in the shoes of Simon Belmont ready to resume your fight against the night! Story As far as NES stories went very good and interesting after defeating Dracula you must gather up his body pieces in or...

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A very good game but an inferior port 1

The Orange Box was the very first game I got for my ps3, it was also the very first time I played a Half-Life series game, Portal and Team Fortress 2. I had no idea what to expect and was completely amazed and blown away by this great collection. I will review each game separately.Half-Life 2 and Episodes 1 & 2Half-Life 2 completely blew me away. It is very hard to pick up the story at the beginning (I had to do my internet research only to realize that you are not supposed to know whats goi...

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