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Finally supported a Kickstarter but they aren't making games

Their making badass gaming T-Shirts! that are (as lame as this sounds) actually fashionable, don't get me wrong I love my (few) gaming t-shirts but they tend to be a little brash or unimaginative. I just found out about them due to this Kotaku article.




Check them out if you like the designs and feel free to let me know of any interesting Kickstarters.

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TF2 Meet The Doubter


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In the past month I've started playing a game more and more, a game I once called 'Meh' oh the shame...
I was never very fond of TF2 (apart from the visual style which i've always thought was amazing), my view may have been warped due to bad first impressions (well I did buy it on Xbox 360 first). The game felt finicky, nothing was smooth and I found it difficult to get into matches. Those were mostly technical issues but when I finally got the PC version I was still not having much fun. The main problems I had with the game was that there weren't many guns/classes I felt comfortable with, going from playing shooters like Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty where aiming down the sights and droping enemies in a few seconds with anything from a machine gun to a pistol, to shooting enemies with rocket launchers and have them kill you with a baseball bat was hard to get used to. Then there were the servers i'd play on, 30+ player servers resulted in many frustrating choke points, I did not enjoy running into a room only for 5 turrets to kill me, then respawn and slowly try to destroy this unholly checkpoint, it reduced the game to a snails pace with no real room for tactical play. 
 The Direct Hit, my new best friend
 The Direct Hit, my new best friend
 So what's changed and made me love TF2? for starters putting in time with weapons like the Grenade Launcher/Rocket Launcher and actually becoming semi decent with them. Unlocking new weapons like the Direct Hit, Frontier Justice and Force a Nature as well as playing classes I would normally never go near such as the Heavy and Engineer. Playing exclusivly on 24 player servers helps reduce the endless choke points, I can move around the maps more freely and really have fun with the game. I've been enjoying the new KOTH game mode, it's great to play a match I know I will win or lose, no stalemate and generally only lasts about 15 mins.
I gave TF2 another... ok third shot and im glad I did, if you feel the same way I used to about TF2 I urge you to try some of the things I've mentioned, also it has some cool hats now...