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    @godlessmunky: agreed with you totally on the expecting quality for paid for stuff.

    I'm not gonna watch another video until the comments generally agree they have become watchable again. I really wish Dan had spent the first episode teaching stealth, camo, CQC, etc. It blows my mind to think how much work went into setting up the Knock Out video and in contrast the apparent amount of time Dan has spent thinking about how to help Drew through this game. I mean he could have put some serious thought into it and for all we know this Rambo-run is what they wanted to do all along.... Meh who knows.

    There were some sections of MGS3 and Peace Walker where I methodically used binoculars, took out all the guards stealthily and made it to the next screen without detection and the feeling was awesome. MGS3 has some of the best free form problem solving of any game ever, I really want Drew to experience this.

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      Wow this was pretty rough. Not only are the thermgs not necessary, as Drew was heavily guessing and hinting, the game is probably more enjoyable without them.

      Also what's with Dan not researching this stuff before time? Almost as bad as Rorie having not read the DMG. I'd have thought that making videos being their prime mode of employment they would be a bit better prepared than dudes who look like they've just shown up for the day.

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      Yeah I think Lucas makes it clear in some interviews that The Empire is analogous to Nazi Germany or Fascist American politics, like Nixon. They're not "bad" for most of the people living under them, but they are bigoted and racist, which is why the Wookie/Ewok battles are symbolically important, and why Palpatine has non-human advisors to begin with, to hide his racism, but then has exclusively humans around him when he becomes Emperor.

      The movies are far deeper and more political than most people realise/want to accept. Think about why Nazi Germany was "bad" or why Ultra-right wing US politics is "bad"... that's the answer.

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      I recently replayed MGS 1 and 2 and played 3 for the first time and watched 4 on youtube. Personally, 2 has a great story in retrospect, and the gameplay is good, but the two don't gel like they do in 1 and 3. I'd skip playing 2 and watch Drew play instead. 3 blows 2 out of the water because the gameplay really integrates with the story, which is also better. 2 is, IMO, good to watch but boring and painful to play because there never really seems like any purpose to what you're meant to be doing.

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      In the Christmas Kojisute, at the very end, Kojima says he can't talk about the release date yet but he heavily implied that 2015 is the target year, and said that the ending is in sight and it isn't finished yet and they are still in production, and I think he said that the interval between the games was (about) the same as with the first MGS (presumably from MG2 to MGS1 and from MGS4 to MGS5) which was interesting as this is an open world game and it's going to kick a lot of ass so of course it will take a while to make, and finally that if it didn't come out next year he would wear the chicken cap. Which led me to believe that mid-late 2015 would be a realistic expectation.

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        Want to say to Drew that I've just finished replaying 2 and I also really dislike the gameplay and find it rough... it's not you, it's the claustrophobic setting that makes it almost artificially awkward to play by putting a very heavy penalty on being discovered yet at the same time making evasion really clunky . MGS3 has basically the same mechanics but the gameplay is infinitely better because the setting makes it work. If you can hold out 'til then...!

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        @truthtellah said:

        I can.

        As you said yourself, most of it is circumstantial links made by people looking for any possible conspiracy at the Indie Game Festival. It's like "-Maybe- there's something illegal there; I don't know. Just fishing for anything. Perhaps it even involves another random dev or writer I dislike..."

        Which comes back to why IGF is a target at all in an industry where they're the little voice that happens to like a lot of games some random people online don't like while the big companies can tie their bonuses to reviewer opinions and have a vested financial interest in pressuring outlets to not criticize their games or give them lower review scores. Witch hunts toward folks some people dislike are distracting from actual reasonable targets of consumer concern.

        You are the arbiter of "consumer concern"? Indie devs affected by IGF judges posting their experiences and consumers raising the issue on forum boards are "witch hunts"? Who on earth are you? This is a standard PR defense technique - trivialize the situation. There has been a lot of that going on in this thread.

        As someone who follows both mainstream games and real-indie games (not the indie games scene that is in reality fully plugged into the mainstream media and publishing world), I find this line of reasoning doing more harm than good in the games world. By waving away this kind of corruption - however small or petty it may be, which in the IGF case it is not - it hurts informed consumer choice, it hurts the HUGE number of indie games that never get mentioned on sites like GB because it's so focused on "indies" that are regular guests, and it encourages the journalists and in-clique to continue as they have been.

        May come as a shock to some people, but a lot of people engage in their lives and in business with honesty, and we don't like dishonesty in whatever form it takes. Institutional behavior is no excuse.

        edit - @truthtellah I agree with you on the idea of consumer advocacy groups and watchdogs... so in the absence of such groups, shouldn't we the consumers perform that task?

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        Anyway... back to corruption. There are lots of circumstantial links and first hand reports of Indie Game Festival corruption which bring together the ideas that journalists and developers and PR staff and venture capitalists (sometimes taking advantage of kickstarter) have been working together to hype, award and sell games. Microsoft was also heavily involved in the funding and publicisation of Fez, so they could be involved as well? I'm not sure if this is a crime, and even if so what crime it is, maybe some form of fraud? It's probably borderline stuff... (the best case for crime I heard was having entrants to the IGF pay for entry, yet they never stood a chance of winning because of vested interest among the judges)... but I don't think anyone can look at that whole situation and claim it isn't corrupt.

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        I agree with the problems raised in the OP. Before I had expectations of integrity, balancing inside status with honesty for the readership. Now I just want to watch Dan and Vinny and not hear Jeff, Brad, Alex and Patrick berate me indirectly on twitter or tumblr or the GB site because I don't like Zoe Quinn. All I want is to be entertained for a few hours a week on the commute home after work, and that's what I thought my subscription was buying. I didn't realise I was supporting people mouthing off their social politics - not just at anyone, but at me, the consumer.

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        I am informed by an industry man of the time that the colecovision makers/producers, CBS?, had a magazine do a whole bunch of reviews for games that hadn't even been made yet. Then the crash happened. I'm sure CBS is a different place now.