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Bloody good fun 0

Back in the days of the SNES, there was only one fighter for me - Mortal Kombat. Well, make that two, Mortal Kombat 2 also had my heart. To my young brain, far too young really, there was nothing finer than back back high punch with Scorpion, followed by an unceremonious upper cut to the chops, and a minute later seeing the fallen opponent getting burnt to oblivion with hellifire breath. Truly, the height of entertainment, and no fighter has ever quite had my heart since.Its sad that that was in...

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Not an award winner, definitely a heart warmer 0

Thunderous thumps of chains meeting hard earth, haloed by globules of blood? Punctuated by close up QTE events letting you admire the gore? Occasional bits of monster jockeying? Pretty, epic vistas? It's God of War, right?  Not quite.  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is unashamedly derivative - even it's very concept is nicked from the campy world of the Hammer Horror film studio, pitting the greats of gothic horror together. Being cruel you could almost call it a pallet swap of God of War, and you...

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