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Best Games Played 2021

I don't want to go on, but this list is pretty much the best list of 2021. It's also the only list I'll be making in 2021. All of these games have been "Certified Goode" and I'm proud of all of them for achieving such a prestigious classification.

Like all previous years this year will be heavily biased and totally unfair.

List items

  • This kind of caught me by surprise, it's taken me a while to get into Bloodborne, I got it for free in 2017 when it was on PSPlus and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get into it. It's like a really dense bit of fruitcake, it's good but it's just not easy to get through. Bloodborne was something that just didn't click with me and the game is hardest at the start, but when I got over that bump... it still kicked my ass. But I look back now after defeating Gehrman I felt an immense sense of pride that I'd done it, but sadness that it was over.

    There's an eerie sadness that hangs over it's broken world, things have gone too far and the horrific monsters that stalk the lands need sending back to their makers, in the most gory fashion possible.

    This year has been filled with blockbusters, I've beaten about 45 games this year but Bloodborne takes top spot as the most enjoyable despite it's difficulty and it harkens back to Dark Souls 1 as the most enjoyable to explore too. Certified Goode

  • Hyrule Chef Simulator 2018. What do you mean banana's don't go with beef? Uhm, I think they do, Link ate it. It wasn't even dubious! Honestly I love the cooking in this game so much that I went out of my way to gather ingredients to the point that whilst Zelda was at the mercy of Ganon, I was hunting chickens and buying milk.

    But it's not just about the cooking! It's also about paragliding, it's about talking to random NPC's and getting all the clothes. I believe there's also some stuff about shrines and guardians too? But really, that stuff is optional.

  • Yeehaw.

    Dutch: Well Arthur, I think we're going to need another $1000 and then we can finally leave our life of crime and living on nothing behind and find a better life in Tahiti.

    Arthur, having drawn his gold encrusted dagger out of his £300 suit: Gee Dutch, where are we going to get that kind of money?

    This was my favourite world to live in this year, I took up a home in Rhodes where I woke up each morning, rode my horse down to the bar, ate some food, went out for a ride and then after exploring and meeting randoms strangers for a few hours I'd beat the shit out of some Lemoyne Raiders and then I'd head back to the hotel for some drinks and a game of Blackjack before heading off to bed to repeat the same thing the next day.

    It's story is really great, but you already knew that. The gameplay is slow and that's how I like it, I never took any shortcuts or went off the beaten path to save time, I followed all the nature trails and looked out across the scenery like I was really there. Then I hit a guy off his horse and ended up in a shootout with the police and had to flee the county. Good times.

  • If you've already read my review of Mundaun you'll know I love this game. It's disturbing because straw grows out your eyes, but it's also wholesome because you can engage in a sleigh ride with a little girl. The game teeters on that edge the whole time with making coffee bringing you down to earth before ghost people holding lanterns on the lake send you back into the otherworld again.

    It's simple Swiss rustic lifestyle is so endearing that you forget there are monsters out there trying to kill you.

  • "Hmm, I fail to see what relevance this piece of evidence has to do with the case" said the Judge as I returned the fingerprint-laden gun back into the box of items called "gun murder."

    I love this game, it's twists and turns and how Gumshoe calls me his "pal". <3 I love Maya stopping me in the middle of a murder case to tell me trivia about a children's TV show or Phoenix sweating every time Edgeworth pulled yet another autopsy report from his (surely also ruffled) undies.


  • This game is like an addiction, when you're sitting there and eating cereal and thinking of a better way to distribute metal plates evenly across your automation machines, then you know you've got a problem.

    "Hi, I'm Chloe and I've got a efficiency problem" I say to the AA, (Automation Anonymous)

    I came back time and time again before work, after work and even on my days off I was slaving away at my masterpiece, my factory of wonders, my mediocre rats nest of conveyer belts and powerlines. It dragged a bit during the end and it's finale was more like a the build up to a fart, but it's more about the journey than the destination right?

  • Persona 5 was my introduction to the Persona series, which is like War and Peace being your introduction to reading.

    GAME LONG! :(

    But also, game good. Persona 5 had me following along with the story and all it's ups and downs despite everyone reiterating every point so many times that I often felt like I was waiting for the rest of the characters to come to the same conclusion that I did ages ago! I love turn based combat and it's especially spicy and stylish here, I'm just surprised I managed to brute force my way through the first two targets without properly understanding enemy weaknesses. WHICH IS REALLY BASIC STUFF, DAMN CHLOE.

    But yet again it's the slice-of-life stuff that was really appealing here, and my crowning achievement was the food eating contest at the big bang burger. I missed a lot of content though and one day I want to go back and do the rest of the stuffs.

  • This game was re-released on PS4 this year! Which reminded me that I still had the game on PS3 and decided now was a good time to finish it. I haven't watched the film, I haven't read the comics.. but I CHANNEL Kim's energy in this (beat the game as her too.) This is one of the greatest beat em' up games up there with Final Fight and Streets Of Rage 2 with it's killer soundtrack and wild stages, the combat is great and there's just enough RPG elements to keep things interesting!

    Most good.

  • It turns out that murder is pretty hilarious! - The words that got me sent to jail.

    I want to include Hitman 2 in this entry as well since I played them back-to-back.

    I love all the elaborate set-ups in these games but couldn't help but feel that I was constantly scratching the surface of what was possible, but I'll never forget the good times of knocking 12 people out with a wrench or that time I failed to realise that a power socket submerged in a puddle was switched on before I went at it with a screwdriver and electrocuted myself.

    Stealth is for people who don't know how to throw a wrench.

  • I'm not sure I'm ready to call DOOM Eternal the next evolutionary step for FPS games, it was nearly 6 hours of being hit with a kaleidoscope. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but I believe that puzzles and platforming doesn't belong in first person shooters. It's fast and frantic gameplay was so overwhelming that I needed a break sometimes, but I can take those myself rather than having to resort to what is just wall climbing and double jumps to slow down the fun and again, I don't care what other people say, those platforming only sections sure did slow down the shooting fun.

    But other than that... it was insane. One day I may return to Hell On Earth, but it's not going to be any time soon.

    Certified Goode