My Modern Warfare Disk is Broken. . . And I'm Relieved

Last night, I discovered that the game that I've spent the past three-quarters of a year playing no longer runs. I popped it into the tray and a message appeared on my Xbox, "Could Not Read Disk." Considering, I had poured almost 100 hours into the single-player campaign, spec ops co-operative missions and multiplayer modes, you would think I'd be angry.  Surprisingly, that's not the case. In fact, I'm strangely relieved. I no longer feel the calling of new camos and perks. What had turned into a full fledged addiction is out of my life and I have no intention of bringing it back. I could easily spend five dollars at the local Blockbuster to use their disk-repair service, but I don't think I will. Instead, I urge my fellow "bros" to join me outside. Play some baseball, skip some rope. It's time to take back our lives from Modern Warfare. I mean, at least until next week when I get bored again.

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I Finally Got a Tactical Nuke. . . But Then I Didn't

Hey guys, I've been going for a tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2 for a while now and today I finally got it. I was using Harriers, Chopper gunner and, of course, the nuke. I started up a game of Ground War Domination on Wasteland and low and behold I unlocked my harrier pretty quickly. I ran and hid, let my harrier do some work and unlocked the chopper gunner. As I'm doing some major spawn trapping, I see a care package on the ground with the tactical nuke logo above it. I see someone pick it up and hear the countdown begin, all while I'm still in my chopper gunner. Finally, I hit twenty-five kills and the nuke unlocks. I leave the chopper gunner to find this:

 1337 Hackers.
 1337 Hackers.

Apparently some kind of hackers dropped that care package and set its countdown for days later. The best part of all is that I'm unable to launch my legitimate nuke because these guys beat me to the punch. 
I'm pissed right now. 
Other photos below: 

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Your Graduation Write-Up

With my high school graduation creeping ever closer, it's finally come time for me to fill out a "Grad Write-Up". I know some schools do quotes, while others provide a bit more information. My school is the latter. Here's the format for one of these bad boys:
Full Name:
Pet Peeve(s):
Memorable Moments:
Favourite Quote:
Future Destination:
And my own:
Full Name: Adam Jones
Nickname(s): Jones, Jonesy
Pet Peeve(s): People that say "Monterary Cheddar", People that use internet slang IRL (u c wat i did thar?)
Memorable Moments: Jam Sessions, All-Nighters, Pwning N00bs
Favourite Quote: "Carrots help us see much better in the dark, don't talk to girls they'll break your heart." Kill the Director - The Wombats
Future Destination: Chillin' Out, Maxin', Relxain' All Cool and Shoting Some B-Ball Outside of the school.
I'd like to see what the Giant Bomb forums would put/have put/are putting for their own graduation write-up.