PlayStation Exclusives That Make Wonder Why I Don't Own A PlayStation

Throughout my life, I have owned many a game console. Starting with an NES and most recently buying an X-Box 360. Through it all, however, I have never owned a PlayStation, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3. I have a wide variety of excuses for not owning a Sony console, but a combination of bad timing and poor judgment is mostly to blame. These are Sony Exclusives that make me bang my head against the wall and ask why I don't own a PlayStation. 
Obviously I have never owned a game on this list, but my play time with each one varies. This should be quite obvious by my descriptions, some will be more detailed, while others may be more based on reviewers opinions and hearsay. 
My rating scale is based on the face-palm system, meaning how disgusted I am with myself that I don't own a PlayStation.
5 Face-Palms: A PlayStation exclusive that  is of high quality and suits my tastes in gaming perfectly.
4 Face-Palms: A PlayStation exclusive that would suit my tastes quite well but may not have reviewed as well as I would have hoped.
3 Face-Palms: A PlayStation exclusive that may not fit my tastes to a tee, but one that I have heard good things about and would like to try.
2 Face-Palms: A PlayStation exclusive that I would like to try out as I may have heard that it is of good quality or similar to my tastes in games.
1 Face-Palms: A PlayStation exclusive that I'm not really interested in  at all.

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