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Hook is a very underrated movie

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Building the Perfect Action rpg

I read the GameInfomer article of what a perfrect rpg shoud be. So I am making a blog of what i think would make the perfect action rpg. (Dont worry there is no Kingdom Hearts)
The world-  Bioshock. Nuff said
Shooting -Borderlands. In many acvtion rpgs such as Alpha Protocol pressing the fire button is basicly pressing the roll the dice buton borderlands solves that with actual real shooting  
Inventory -Mass Effect 2. In any Bethesda game you are going to eventualy run out of room in your inventory, Mass Effect 2 fixes it by getting rid of inventory all together by making you find upgrades insted 
Strategy -Dragon Age Origins. Again, nuff said
Level ups- Falout series. Leveling up is a  grind so the Fallout series fixes it by adding Perks when you level up which makes it more satisfying.