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Hook is a very underrated movie

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Pokemon Movie 1: Mewtwo Strikes Back review

It begins finally
It begins finally

I am so sorry I took so long but now I can finally get this series underway.

Mewtwo Strikes Back is not a good movie(hear me out!!) if you watch the 4kids dub. however if you watch the Japanese version its an entirely different movie. The Japanese version have a more darker and serious tone and a better orchestral score and story.

For instance at the beginning of the movie Mewtwo was not the only clone the scientist was trying to create, he was trying to clone his dead daughter, and before Mewtwo goes on his rampage he asks the people who created him if God created him. Plus Mewtwo has much more different motivations. None of that aside from the dead daughter(which was added to Mewtwo returns which I will get to) is in the 4kids dub. And a very different characterization of Mew.

The 4kids dub has the worst song placement I have seen in a movie ever. And 4kids made a different moral in this one is fighting is wrong which is rich when Pokémon trainers are forcing them to battle against their own will. In the Japanese version its against racism or something.

However both movies have an indefensible climax(magic tears bringing people back to life). That being said if you watched the U.S version watch the Japanese version.