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Best of 2011

I cannot lie...I barely played over 10 2011 games. It is my constant source of shame, but with work, school and the other stuff that comprises adult life I simply fell way wayyyyyyy behind. With the help of a fellow bomber and classmate I was able to somewhat round out my list. Just remember that this is a top 10 list from a guy who played maybe 13 2011 games, if that. The following are games that probably would have been on here had I played them: 1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 2. Battlefield 3, 3. Bastion (this was a mistake I intend to correct very soon), 4. Arkham City, 5. Rayman Origins.....Anywho, here is my top 10 and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

List items

  • This was probably my most played game this year. I loved it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I never got into Minecraft (and it is entirely my own fault) so this felt really new and exciting to me. ADULT LEGO AWAY

  • Man it was a good year for Double Fine. This game was cute as hell and full of humour that leaves you with a big grin on your face. I love that online distribution allows developers to take chances like this.

  • Totally agree with Brad on this one. Game is great and looks slick as hell (although I got caught on level geometry often). Avalanche did an amazing job in modernizing the look of the games that littered my early childhood, giving me that nice, warm nostalgic feeling.

  • I never really played Ikaruga, but I can see how this game masterfully blended the dark/light mechanics with top notch side scrolling. Great game and at 800 points it's an amazing value.

  • Great that the bro meter got turned down in the final chapter. I really love this game and enjoy how you can still play online with people even if competitive multiplayer isn't your thing.

  • A bunch of the games I played this year were in the lower price range and at 5 bucks The Binding of Isaac was a total steal. This game is seriously effed up in spots, but I love how it makes you cringe and gets under your skin. Really surprised at how much I ended up playing this game. Thank you Steam for giving gems like this an outlet.

  • Thanks a bunch for this Shimmy. Although this game was responsible for some terrible corporate exploitation and made Michael Pachter (who I still love)seem like a union-breaking douche, it was still a great experience. Note how I say experience instead of game. The face tech, recreating 1940's LA and amazing voice acting influenced my choice to put this on my top 10. Although the game got side-tracked big time during the second half and got somewhat boring to play, it is a technical achievement with some really great moments.

  • I only got back from school on the 17th and decided to check this out on my Mom's is great (and free). I wasn't able to bring my consoles or my laptop home so this has been sucking up a good chunk of my free time. This game has tempted me to go get a new bloody phone...let us see how long I can stave off the urge.

  • This is my favourite fighting game of all time and the late summer download release preoccupied a good chunk of free time in September and October. I will never stop having fun with this game.

  • I do not actually own this game, but have played enough to know it is right up my alley. This game is just dumb fun in the best possible way and that is why it cracked my top 10. It tracks how many times you shoot dudes in the junk...what is not to love?