Quick Photoshop Update- The Siberian Butterfly

Hi everyone, 
Just wanted to share my first and brand new baby I've done in photoshop for my attempt at the job in my previous blogs
I've been watching at my dogs eyes on my desktop for the past week and thought to my self they look like colors on a butterfly. 
I turned that weird little epiphany into my first PS project. I came up with two versions. 

Snowflake version 
Snowflake version 

Graffiti  version
Graffiti  version
I know it's not Christmas yet, and I'll certainly post some more blogs before Christmas, but I want to share these here images with you guys so you can use them as wallpaper if you like them or something.  
 Original sizes here: 
Graffiti version 
Snowflake version 
Widescreen versions (1920x1080): 
 Graffiti Version 
Snowflake Version

Merry Christmas everybody! 
Thanks for reading! Peace.