Wrap up, Recap and plans for the future (I got an interview BTW)

Hi everyone, 
Just to get it out of the way, I learned the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator (you can see the progress in my other, older blogs) and made a "portfolio" in about a week to try and apply for a job I really like. 
I've send the CV and the link to that portfolio and you know what?  


How you like them apples?! It's already 10 times more than I expected but I'm looking forward to it and I'll surely keep you posted. 
So, now that most of that job stuff is out of the way, I was in the middle of something anyway. I plan to continue to work on the sackboy model, I learned the basic concepts of texturing, i have to continue to work on that and eventually texture, rig and animate the little guy.  
I plan to learn all aspects of Maya, at least enough that I understand the whole thing, and when I get to animation and everything, probably dip my feet in some Aftereffects as well so I can produce and put some final touches on it, too.  
And continue to lost myself in Eve online, that game is unlike anything I've ever seen.
And please, if you didn't already, drop here and get yourself a unique wintery wallpaper made by little-o-me! 
Merry Christmas everyone, 
Thanks for all the kind words, constructive criticism and motivation you've given so far, 
thanks for reading,