Best of 2009

Chris2KLee's Top Ten Best of 2009

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  • Naughty Dog returns with a masterpiece that leverages all the PS3's cell-power to deliver an amazing single player and surprising multiplayer package. The best PS3 game this year is the plain best of 2009.

  • The masters of the Western RPG return to their roots to show everyone how it's done.

  • What was promised by Hellgate London is realized in this great looking and playing RPG/Shooter.

  • It's the Batman game that fans have hoped for for years, finally giving players the chance truly feel like this iconic character. Stealth, combat and investigative skills are all combined into a quintessential Batman experience.

  • Infinity Ward decided to take what they built in Call of Duty 4 and turn it up to 11. While the single player campaign stumbles a bit, the multiplayer remains as addictive as ever, and brings with it some neat new tricks.

  • The story of Resident Evil 5 wraps up a lot of loose ends, while delivering everything you expect from a RE game and AAA Capcom Product. A great Co-Op component and a surprising amount of replay value make this a great addition to any zombie killing collection.

  • One of the best superhero games ever, Sucker Punch sets up the perfect playground with controls that really help you feel like a superhuman. A solid story and great graphics help move you forward in a well detailed urban setting filled with a variety of objectives and enemies to apply your array of spectacular powers to.

  • The first 6-8 hours of this game are like trying to punch through a brick with your bare fists. The camera is a hassle, the monsters are unforgiving, and there is no real story to speak of. But if you have the patience and can find some fellow Hunters, you might be able to uncover the reason why this game has burned up millions of hours and shifted millions of units in the land of the rising sun.

  • The RTS genre continues to evolve under the watchful eye of Relic Entertainment. Adding in some RPG elements and focusing on small unit tactics make this a distinctly different, and distinctly Relic, experience.

  • A great new setting and cast, together with a slew of new (if sometimes subtle) improvements make this title worthy of being called a full sequel to one of the best Co-Op games in recent memory.