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Bioware offers its best DLC yet. 1

Lair of the Shadow Broker is the latest DLC for Mass Effect 2, and the first to start bridging the story over to the forthcoming Mass Effect 3. It continues the mission with your old teammate Liara, as she hunts the titular Shadow Broker, a mysterious information trader that has been whispered about throughout the series. Liara has a grudge to settle, and you can expect a lot of action as you make your way through the roughly 2 hour experience. While the combat will seem instantly familiar, the...

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Kojima walks the walk 0

When Hideo Kojima said Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was going to be a full blown MGS experience on the PSP, I'm sure more than a few people figured it was a little PR spin at work. But let's make this clear now, Kojima has not only done exactly what he said he would, but also delivered one of the best PSP titles to date. Using  MGS Portable Ops as the framework, Peace Walker builds on it's PSP predecessor with more options and refinements taken from it's console brethren. A refined CQC system a...

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Not quite an onslaught of content 0

I remember playing Bad Company 2's single player campaign and feeling like DICE missed a chance at some really cool Co-Op play. With four characters in the squad, four player Co-Op seemed like a natural fit. So I was naturally excited when I heard about Onslaught. Unfortunately, the DLC feels more like a neat diversion as opposed to the robust play experience I was hoping for.The new Onslaught DLC for BC2 brings four player Co-Op to the game in the form of four rejigged multiplayer maps. The map...

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Overlord is over fast and a little overpriced 0

The latest DLC for Mass Effect 2 touts 5 new areas as one of it's main selling points, which should probably tell you something right off the bat. ME2 was hardly a game lacking in areas as far as I'm concerned, so telling me I get 5 more doesn't exactly get me pumped. The mission in Overlord starts like most of the DLC so far, you get an e-mail from Martin Sheen telling you to head out to yet another Cerberus F'up. Upon arriving on the planet, you learn that the latest experiment in Virtual Inte...

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Monster Hunter: Killing Huge Monsters Since 2004 0

Let's get this out of the way first: Monster Hunter Tri is less a Fantasy Action RPG, and more a Fantasy Simulator. Just like Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you an in-depth, comprehensive flying simulation, Monster Hunter gives you an in-depth, comprehensive simulation of the totally made up act of killing monsters. Also just like MS Flight Simulator, don't expect to just jump in start zipping around like a pro. You start at the bottom of the food chain in MH:Tri, and the climb up is gonna be ...

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Hunting Season is on again 0

 In honour of the announcement of Monster Hunter 3 Portable, I figured it was time to get off my ass and finally write a Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite review. MH:FU is the third game in the PSP version of the Capcom franchise. Building upon the foundations of the previous entries, it's the best of the PSP series to date. Packing tons of content, an addictive looting system and fantastic co-op mode, you can lose hours upon hours tearing up beasts both large and small. But be warned, the game sti...

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