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ChrisTaran: Best of 2010

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  • Another tragically passed-by game that probably has the best score to come out of the industry all year. Even if you refuse to play it, you should at least listen to it.

  • No 2010 list of best games can possibly be complete without the unforgettable Mass Effect 2. A game that was certainly not forgotten in the proceeding 11 months after its release.

  • A true example of games as art that should be experienced by all. It's games like this that are advancing the medium.

  • A sorely overlooked gem with amazing characters with real heart and emotion. Andy Serkis is brilliant in this game.

  • As someone who always wanted to learn to play the keyboard and guitar, I could ask for no more a perfect teacher in Rock Band 3. Where trying to attend classes has failed me, fans, and achievements have pushed me forward.

  • What happens when you make one of my favorite games of all time into a portable title? You get my favorite PSP game of all time. An interesting spin on the classic Persona game, the addition of the female protagonist was something I never thought would have worked had I not played it myself.

  • I'm normally not one for iOS titles, but this little app of a game has become one of my greatest addictions. A must play for any iPhone/Touch owner.

  • While I found the first few hours of Alan Wake's combat to be more than a little trying, after I got the hang of it I was able to fully immerse myself in this heavily atmospheric story driven game.

  • Though I'm no Brad Shoemaker when it comes to multiplayer matches, I was able to fully enjoy the single player experience whilst still having some fun getting my ass handed to me in competitive play.

  • I am not a fan of Wii games. Nothing about that motion controller do I find enjoyable. However -- Fragile had me wanting to play it since the first time I saw it's hauntingly beautiful trailer. Perhaps due to my dislike of Wii controls, I found the actual playing of the game to be rather trying at times, but the story and world kept me coming back for more. This is a love-hate relationship where the love absolutely ends up on top.