American Brew

I was on the task to purchase a few beers for the friday evening when three godforsaken words jumped into my vacant mind. ”Bud”, ”Light” and ”Lime”. When choosing a brew fit to rid me from the stressful workdays behind me, those are three words I furiously try to avoid.

  • Bud – A more nondescript fluid is hard to come by.
  • Light – I'm drinking beer, I've already lost the battle
  • Lime – Don't like it. I subconsciously smash every Mojito I see.

This apparation was, off course, due to the discussions/reactions on Giant Bombs Pax panel. I was genuinely surprised to later hear Jeff (amongst others) actually didn't mind Bud Light Lime. But who am I to judge? First, I'm far from from being an expert on the matter. Second, I haven't really tried the brew. Maybe it's heavenly.

Since there where no chance in hell I was going home with a pack of fruity fresh pißwasser (seriously, not judging), I still wanted to try something america had to offer. I've had some really nice, mildly obscure, brews from the states before,

I know pale lager is the most common type for americans. But ”common” doesn't always mean ”the best” so I went for three ales. So after finishing my daily workout routine (trying to loose some weight, ehe) I sat down to write my first blog post ever, with these three bottles cooling in the fridge.

Red Seal Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Brooklyn Brand East India Pale Ale
Red Seal Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Brooklyn Brand East India Pale Ale

Yes, I should feel ashamed of myself. Drinking beer after a workout would make any dietitian to laugh in my face. But let's be frank, when isn't a dietitian laghing in my face?

Maybe I'll write something about the experience later on, as interesting as that sounds(?). But I'm more interested in tips about good american (or not, whatever) beer out there. My favourite brands are from the Czech Republic, btw. Now excuse me while I lose myself in Civ 5... I have some greeks to obliterate (no hard feelings, it's just business).

Have a great weekend!