GOTY 2013

List items

  • When Final Fantasy XIV originally launched back in 2010 I was absolutely devastated. It was dull and boring in almost every regard, it was missing absolutely critical features, and it held my interest for a matter of days before I couldn't stand it anymore. Three years and a relaunch later, here it is sitting at number four in my GOTY list.

    Sure, the new game mechanics and systems aren't terribly original and there is more fan service than you can shake a moogle at, but it feels incredibly polished and looks absolutely stunning. It deserves a spot on this list just because of how much time I sank into it before life got in the way (what do I even need a degree for anyway?).

  • Despite the simply amazing technical achievement that Rockstar accomplished with this game on last generations consoles, I struggled to really engage with Grand Theft Auto V like it seems most other people did. While I certainly enjoyed what I played of it, with the beautifully written characters and dialogue being a definite highlight, it was the tiresome mission structure and inane side activities that brought the game to a halt for me. More fun and less fluff next time please.

  • With the recent cult status that has begun surrounding a number of simulators out there, it was only matter of time before someone was going to come along and subvert them all. That game ended up being Surgeon Simulator 2013, a brief but memorable exposure to the comical world of surgeoning. It's fun, witty, and surprisingly deep given how it started as just a simple gag.