2017 Games played

2017 version of the games played list. Let's see if I can beat 2016 in number of games played at 35. There were a few of those never ending games I started in 2016 that I am carrying over to this year.

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  • Started in 2016 - Finished June 27

    I'll be playing this game off and on for the Elusive Targets and Season 2 will be released sometime this year.

  • Started January 1 - Won't Finish.

    This is the definitive Warhammer experience and is the Warhammer game I've always wanted but didn't know could exist. I no longer need to search for Warhammer mods for other strategy games when this game exists. More importantly, this game makes the Total War battles fun again. I used to just auto resolve after a bit in other TW games, but when you have an army of Minotaurs, you want to see them rip shit up.

  • Started in 2016 - Wont ever finish.

    Elite has filled the spot in my soul that Euro Truck Simulator left behind. It is everything I've wanted in a Space Sim and I don't think I'll be ever done playing this game. Especially since I need to save up that 50mil for my next space taxi.

  • Started in 2016 - Won't ever finish.

    Another game that surprised me in 2016. I got this from a Humble Bundle and have been addicted since I started playing it. I already finished all levels and am just farming new loot. But as a game that I'll play to kill 20-30 minutes it can't be beat.

    There's something about how the levels are arranged that are exciting from start to finish. Even when runs end in failure, I still have a good time and that's all that matters really.

  • Started November 25 - Finished February 3

    I love the Far Cry games as the open world shooter seems like it was made for me. I love scoping out outposts and fortresses and then quietly taking out every living thing inside. So far, the story is decent and the main antagonist is fun to hate. Getting around the world is better now too with the grappling hook and the wingsuit. I still think I like Far Cry Primal better. But this is a fun experience.

  • Started February 1 - Finished... February 2

    Like the first game, Banner Saga 2 is a beautiful game. The combination of music, art, and story make this game a temporary addiction for me. I marathon these relatively short games in the span of a day or 2. I just need to see how the story unfolds.

    I love the character development and the party builds that you can make. I love how decisions, even losing battles, has a consequence which will play out in the third game.

    This is a strategy game that I have to recommend to just about anyone. Play the first one first tho.

    Banner Saga 3 should be out in 2018. I think I should definitely play through these 2 games again.

  • Started February 24 - Finished March 10

    God this game is hilarious

  • Started March 8 - Finished March 13

    Why didn't I start this game ages ago?

    Satellite Reign is a spiritual successor to Syndicate, a classic strategy game from the 90s. SR creates an impressive open city that is fun to explore walk around in. You can zoom the camera all the way down and get a good look at the advertisements on the buildings and the dystopia of cyber street life.

    The open city is split into 4 districts each with relays (fast travel, gear stations) and ATMs which can be hacked to increase your steady income. In each district are guarded areas to infiltrate in order to get bonuses to the district. And the regular story missions will take you into these areas to proceed through the game.

    These guarded areas make the game. It truly is free form in nature with multiple ways to sneak in or shoot your way in. I once got my infiltrator on a high roof and sniped every guard in the place without being seen. Another complex had my infiltrator stuck behind enemy lines with no easy way out, and my other 3 guys went through HELL to try to get her out only to have my entire team wipe during ex-filtration. On the way back into the complex to get the blueprints I found an air duct that lead to a much easier way in. Since there is little penalty for death, you are free to try something, fail, and then try something new. There is a sense of satisfaction of finding the right plan of attack, getting in and getting out with no problems. Or even getting in quietly, getting the objective, only to get into a massive firefight on the way out, then getting everyone out alive. It's like beating a hard boss in Dark Souls but I felt this way after every mission. Each mission was its own story in a way.

    SR is a real time strategy game, with an option to turn on "team stims" which turns on bullet time so you can get your bearings and issue commands. I was finding new stuff to do in the game right up the every end when I discovered that hijacking was very powerful.

    I recommend this game. But you need to go in with an open mind. It's not for everyone. I actually bought this a long time ago, but only got into it recently. Once I started playing, I was hooked tho. So your experience might be different.

  • Started March 14 - Finished March 22

    This is the year that I will finally finish The Witcher. The Witcher is the original game that I bought without having a PC that even met the minimum requirements. And then, life and other games got in the way. I now own the Witcher 3. And while I don't need to play Witcher 1 and 2 to enjoy that game, I feel obligated to do this.

    For a 10 year old game, this holds up surprisingly well. Sure the one click combat could be better, but everything else is solid. What stood out the most was the story. The main storyline was a conspiracy which didn't really come together until the very end like all good conspiracy stories. There were individual stories for each chapter which really left a mark on me. Like the one with the 2 sisters, or the creepy ass town which looked nice on the outside, but had some dark stuff happening just beneath the surface. I loved how the game had real choices between 2 options that weren't that great. And each choice had a consequence for the game later on down the line. After playing the Mass Effect type of moral choices, this was a welcome change of pace.

    I intend on playing the Witcher 3 this year so I wanted to experience this game and see what the world was all about. And from what I've seen I want to know more. I am happy I took the time to play this classic.

  • Started March 18- Finished March 18.

    What started as a fun little game to show my daughter that games today can be for anyone and be about anything; became a special bonding experience between dad and daughter. She had fun swimming along with the fishes and solving the easy puzzles.

    She played, and I helped guide her along. A game without any dialogue, Abzu does a good job of telling the player where to go and what to do. It's a short experience, but a memorable one. And one that is worth coming back to.

  • Started March 26 - Finished March 26

    I played this game after having it installed for like a year last night. I only played about 2 hours before I bounced off. I have fond memories of Super Metroid like most people, but I don't think i want to go back to play it.

    Maybe I'll give this another shot sometime in the future.

  • Started March 31 - Finished April 14

    Finally started this game after a refund, and a humble bundle purchase. Again, I don't know why it took me this long to get into this game. I love the aspect of essentially leveling up 2 characters at the same time, yourself and your pawn. So far, it's a good game with challenging combat. I like what I see so far.

    First, let me say that the weakest part of this game is the story and characters. Things were happening and I was doing quests for unknown reasons. I had trouble knowing what exactly I needed to do a few times. And, for an RPG, that's usually a huge turn off for me.

    However, what sold this game for me was the character progression and the team based combat. You start the game by creating your main character like any RPG but about 10-20 minutes in, you'll be making your main pawn/sidekick for the rest of the game. At this point, you are pretty much leveling up a partnership of characters. Making two characters that complement each other and then recruiting 2 other pawns from other players is what kept me going through my first play through. The game encourages you to change classes around since the augments you get from each class can carry over to your next class.

    The combat, especially against the big monsters were always exciting. If you get the right pawns and they work together well, you can take down these beasts in a very satisfying manner. And boy are there some tough monsters toward the end of the game.

    Patrick Klepek said this game was his highest scoring 3/5 he's ever seen. And I think he's right. The story is ok and forgettable. The world isn't that great (I did like how you don't have to fast travel and going out on a quest felt like an adventure every time). And the game doesn't do a great job of explaining the world and concepts to you. But the combat and the classes are the stand out here.

  • Started March 31 - Finished June 27

    I like to have 2 games going at the same time (when I'm not playing Total War: Warhammer for 30 hours a week). So I started Dragon's Dogma and put this game on as a change of pace. I have never seen One Piece the anime and haven't put any serious time into a warriors game since the Playstation 1 days. Since this was a part of last month's humble monthly subscription, I thought it was the time to see if these games are any fun.

    First, this is anime as hell. The game itself still a warriors game, and not much has improved since I last played one of these games. However, it was still fun to run around a level killing thousands of nameless dudes. I probably won't S rank this game, but I can see myself finishing all chapters or play until I get bored of the game.

    June 27 update: I got bored of the game. Even as a change of pace game, there's only so far repetitive action can take you. I got this on the humble bundle and I feel I got my money's worth out of it.

  • Started April 2 - Finished ...

    Got this through the humble monthly and at first look it isn't my usual type of game. However, I thought that this might be a good experience for me and my kids considering the simple nature of the logic puzzles. The puzzles start simple and get more and more complex. And the beautiful world is also a puzzle with the solutions often hidden in plain sight. This is a good puzzle game, and great for making you and your kids feel smart.

  • Started April 10 - Finished April 11

    What a neat little game. The barrier to entry was a little high and I was intimidated by this game from the start. But once you get into it you kinda feel like a Cyber cowboy. I like it.

  • Started April 18 - Finished April 19.

    I did not complete this game. But it was totally not what I wanted out of a Hotline Miami sequel. The maps were a little too big and I bounced off the game after being killed from enemies off screen too many times.

  • Started April 18 - Finished June 23

    In my opinion, Assassins' Creed 2 Brotherhood was the best AC game ever. However, since AC 3, the games have gotten progressively better. Only played a few hours of this so far, but it feels real good to get back into one of these games again. I like how there's 2 main characters this time and there's a little more focus on stealth.

    DLC was a fun time as well. Probably the best AC game since Brotherhood.

  • Started April 24 finished April 24

    Cradle is a an adventure game that is very close to being a classic. It's a game that leans into its mystery and setting and it is up to the player to explore the world and discover the mystery behind your identity. Where the game struggles is in its puzzles and story telling/ending. This is a game where you need to scour every inch of the game world to fully understand the game. The ending also can be confusing, leading the player to forums and such to understand what exactly just happened. Even so, the world, the dialogue, and the setting make up for everything.

    Cradle is a game that you definitely get out what you put in. And, even with all of its faults, this is a game you won't want to miss.

  • Started April 24 - You can't. like, finish Everything, man.

    Winner of the game for people who smoke weed to get high 2017 award.

  • Started and Finished May 19

    Wow, that was an experience. Recommended.

  • Started and Finished May 23.

    To accurately describe this game would be to spoil it. It is an interactive experience about a narrator struggling to find the answer to something. It's a short 2 hour game, but it is worth your time.


  • Started May 25 .. Can't finish

    This is exactly what you want from a sequel. It expands on what made th first game good while making the game more fun to play.

  • Started May 25 - Finished June 9

    Sometimes you need a short action game as a change of pace from the other games you're playing. And Vanquish fits perfectly in that role. It was a short fun experience that should not be missed.

  • Started June 2 - Can't Finish

    One of the best things about gaming in 2017 are games that allow you to create stories based on the world that is created. Like in Crusader Kings 2, you can have relationships with family members and create stories in your head cannon that enhance the gameplay.

    In stellaris, you create your own empire (recommended) or go with a premade one. Then you take your Furry Space Hippies into the galaxy and try to take it over. The stories you make in your head only make this game better. I haven't played enough of this game to fully review it yet, but I really like this game so far. Crusader Kings 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and this game hits me in kinda the same way.

  • Started June 2 -Never Finish

    Tekken 7 GOTY

    I LOVE Tekken, it's probably my favorite fighting franchise ever. It's a complicated game and it's not helped by a missing tutorial. However, it is a button masher friendly game so anyone can get in and win a few. But if you want to get better, you can learn how to move, block, and punish with a combo. That skill ceiling is what brings me back over and over again. There is no better feeling than juggling a dude into a wall and just grinding them into the dirt. There's a flow to the fighting that is just so fun to get into.

    Plus, the game worked at launch with a ton of playable characters, and the online works great. Billed as the epic conclusion of the Tekken Saga, this game has all the video and artwork from the previous Tekkens so you can see what you missed or learn the history of the Franchise.

    This is a great game for beginners and long time fans. Tekken is back baby, get ready for the next battle.

  • Started June 30 - September 12

    A continuation of the Witcher Series and my goal of playing all 3 games this year. Only played the prologue but so far it's about as good as the first game.

    Finally finished the game and the time it took is not a reflection on the quality of the game but rather my compulsion to revisit Total War Warhammer and other strategy games.

    This is a quality RPG that is not as good as the first one. It's is much more linear and shorter. However, I would say that this game is still worth playing if you want to get the full story of The Witcher. Also, this series seems to keep the choices you made from game to game.

  • Started July 1 - Finished ...

    Sort of a twin stick shooter with pixel graphics and a great soundtrack. Not too sure how much I'll play of it, but I like what I see so far.

  • Started July 4 - Finished July 6


    I didn't have time to finish this in one sitting but it's a fun little game. I love the time mechanics. It really makes you feel like a badass.

    This game is the most innovative shooter I've ever played.

  • Started July 14 - Can't finish.

    This is a little fun casual wrestling game. Basically everything I wanted in a wrestling game. I brings back memories of games like this when I was a kid.

  • Started playing July 26 - Can't finish

    Alright. Two things right off the start.

    1. I don't like Basketball and haven't paid attention to it since the 90s.

    2. I only got this through the humble monthly.

    So. That said, I am quite surprised by how much I like this game. Well, more specifically the MyCareer mode. The facial scanning tech allowed me to build ME in the game. This one mode makes this game an RPG for me. I want to play the next game and make my guy better. I want to see how this ends. I want to see how good I can get. Like all sports games that I start a season with, I will probably quit playing about half way through.. But for now, it's a good time.

  • Started July 26 - Can't finish

    Got this on steam through Humble again. It's fun, but kinda sad strategy game. It's the kind of game that once you get started, it sucks you in and you just keep playing.

  • Started July 30 - Finished ....

    Now, I typically don't like Rogue games but there is something about the open ended nature of this game to keep me coming back. Plus it's a ton of fun to play this on the couch with my kids.

  • Started August 11 - Can you finish?

    A year after launch, with the game finally receiving some much needed updates, I bought the game. As a chill exploration game this game is amazing. I'm loving every minute I can walk around strange alien worlds. And I am still stunned that a game like this can finally be made. This is a game that I wished could exist when I was a kid but never could have.

    This game is definitely more than the sum of it's parts. On the surface, this is a survival crafting game that doesn't do anything drastically different than the million other games of this type on Steam. However, the combination of exploring different worlds, the music, and the space combat make No Man's Sky truly different.

    This has become my go to Saturday morning coffee game. The music reminds me of classic sci fi, and the planets/space stations are a combination of the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies and the artwork of Syd Mead. There is nothing more relaxing than just flying from planet to planet dodging space pirates, and then landing on those planets and seeing the weird life forms found there.

    Yeah, the space combat has been done better in other games. The survival and crafting are also done better in other games. And if you poke at the game too much you can see the flaws. But when you add all of the parts together, you get a game that is a definite must play. I'm an older gamer and I am still amazed that a game like this could exist.

    Note: I was going to preorder this game but decided not to and ended up waiting until the Atlas Rises patch to get into the game. So I can't speak to how the game has changed in the past year.

  • Started September 5 - Can't finish

    In what might be a bad idea, I decided to start a new strategy game a few weeks before Total War Warhammer 2 comes out. BB2 is a game that I've mulled over every Steam sale and discount. I've always been interested but intimidated by this game. And I am happy I bought the game. After trying a few matches, I am loving the Warhammer mixed with Football style. I could see myself playing this game off and on for years. I maybe even want to play online. But we will see how that goes.

  • Started September 15 - Finished June 23

    I never played the first 3 Thief games so I can't judge this game's quality based on the previous versions. That said, I've been putting of this game for years and I am enjoying the first few chapters so far. The game's setting is probably the main draw for me here. I feel cold and damp when playing the game and everything is just so dreary. It's great.

    I quit this game mostly due to the boredom. I just didn't feel like continuing the story, the stealth wasn't that great, and the puzzles were tedious.

    On to the next one.

  • Started September 24 - Finished September 28

    As a narrative first game, I am intrigued by what this game can be. So far it's pretty good.

    This game is a triumph of interactive storytelling.

  • Started September 28 - Can't ever finish

    This game is better than Total Warhammer 1, which was an instant classic.

  • Started October 12 - Finished February 9

    Baldur's Gate 2 was an annual game for me for quite a while and this game so far is a worthy successor.

    This game is so much of a successor that, like BG2, I stopped playing it 2/3 of the way through. But the classic rpg design that made BG2 an annual game is here with PoE. Coming back to this game after a few months left me with some unanswered questions regarding the story, but that's what replay is for.

  • Started October 13 - Finished Dec 1

    This game got some mixed reviews. I'm not far into the game, but this is a Deus Ex ass game. I don't see what the problem is so far.

    First, no game in this series will be better than the first Deus Ex. That said, this game combines has the best world building of the series along with the refined gameplay from Human Revolution. The story isn't as outrageous as the previous entries. This is more of a Law & Order: Deus Ex. There's a toned down threat with a satisfying noir ending. The game play is the same sneaky/shooty as the series is famous for. If there's a goal, you can be sure that there is more than 2 ways to get there. If I had to nit pick this game, I would say that I was a little underwhelmed with the gunplay. But then again I went lethal stealth so I didn't really use guns that much in the first place. But you can spec your augs to fit any style of gameplay.

    The world building to me is one of the best parts of the game. Cyberpunk has always been, to me at least, the plight of small individuals against giant faceless corporations or entities. Every detail of this game reinforces that Augmented people are not welcome and are feared/hated. There's cutscenes nearly everytime you get off the subway where a cop stops you to ask you for your papers. The message is clear: you are not welcome. Thy dynamics between the greater society and the marginalized augmented class are very prescient. Good sci-fi can will take a mirror to the harsh reality of modern life and reflect back all the shit we ignore or don't want to see.

    **Minor story ending spoilers below**

    You are placed in this world and tasked not with making large sweeping changes but to simply figure out the conspiracy. As with typical noir, the world isn't really better off in the end. The story threat is gone, but life will still remain to be shitty. And that makes this game highly recommended by me.

  • Started Oct 22 - Finished Jan 16

    I have never played a Mafia 3 and the setting story is what really made me want to play this game. Liking it so far..

  • Started Nov 24 - Can't finish

    Yet another open ended game that's going to get in the way of my backlog completion. This game is the unholy combination of a bushido blade fighting game, the battlefield series, and TC: Endwar. I was on the fence about this game all year long and I am happy to say I was wrong. It has the base capturing of Battlefield/Endwar, a deep fighting system like a traditional fighting game, and the global faction war stuff of Endwar; all three things I love. I thought I might buy this game for $20 and mess around with it a bit and move on. But now, I'm thinking of getting the next season pass if there is one.

    Did I mention that this game is super fun?