Top 10 games of the last 10 years.

I was looking at my all time top 10 list recently and I feel that my list still stands. Then I thought that aside from Crusader Kings 2, I don't have any "modern" games on the list. And, if I was to make a list of my top 10 of the last 10 years what it would look like. So here's my list in no particular order.

List items

  • I've put more hours (and maybe money) into this game than every other game on this list. It's also in my top ten all time list. So of course it's here.

  • It's nearly the perfect Warhammer game. Finally a Warhammer game you can play that doesn't require massive set up and large table. Only thing that would make this better is more factions, which should be coming in Warhammer 3. Until then, the middle game is on the list.

  • As Metal Gear as it gets. The story alone (and the last hour of gameplay) puts this game above the better playing MGS 5. The Phantom Pain was nearly on this list, but the disjointed story and unsatisfactory ending hurt that game a lot.

  • Probably the definitive open world RPG. Mods only made it better and infinitely replayable.

  • The best modern video game comeback? They took a series that was circling the drain in terms of quality and brought it back in a big way.

  • I'm a huge Shadowrun fan. And this is the best Shadowrun game to date. In my opinion, better than the fantastic Dragonfall.

  • Kinda have to put Dark Souls on this list, right?

  • The original Deus Ex is on my all time top 10 and the best modern version of that game makes it to my top 10 of the last 10. I love the cyber noir story, where even after you save the day, life still sucks and no one is really any better off.

  • It's the world building in this game that won a spot on the list. Skyrim may be the definitive rpg open world, but The Witcher really made it feel lived in and dirty.

  • I've put 160 hours and counting into this game. The best thing I can say is that after doing all the missions, side missions, challenges, and convoys, it is still fun to hop into co-op and blow shit up. It's mindless, but sometimes that's all you need. And you can dress your character up so there's that.