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Best of 2010

Church069: Best of 2010

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  • Bayonetta is absolutely insane. From motorcycle fights on the side of a building, to summoning massive demons made from your character's own hair, to flying on top of missiles and pretty much playing Space Harrier, this game does not know the meaning of "too crazy". With the silly characters, total nonsense story, and the hyper-speed frantic gameplay, it is difficult to describe what this game is. But I loved the hell out of it.

  • Every now and again I like to torture myself. Rather than cutting myself or hitting myself profusely, I just play Super Meat Boy, the tough as nails 2D platformer. You die a lot in this game. On certain levels you could die more than fifty times before actually passing the level. In most other games, death is treated like a punishment for not being good enough or doing something stupid, but in Super Meat Boy, death is more of a learning experience giving you ideas on how to approach an obstacle the next time you try. However what makes death tolerable in this game is the super fast pace the game moves at, the near instantaneous reloading of the level after you die, and the very small touch of keeping the really good game music constantly playing rather than reloading every time. So yes, Super Meat Boy is a love/hate relationship. You will hate the numerous deaths, but love the satisfaction of completing a level after those numerous deaths.

  • What? Why on Earth is an iPhone game on this list? When it comes to mobile games, I like for them to be very simple games that I could play for about five to ten minutes, and can easily stop playing when something comes up that I need to take care of. Angry Birds does this perfectly. However, what makes Angry Birds excel above the rest of the mobile games out there, is the amount of support that developer Rovio gives to the game. It seems like every couple months, new content is available to play via new update that rolls outs, giving me plenty of reason to keep loading up the game again and again. Also I do like those birds. Those jerk pigs need to be taken out.

  • Developer Treyarch had quite a challenge on their hands with Call of Duty: Black Ops(CODBLOPS or BLOPS). With all of the turmoil that happened this year with the other Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, and the constant talks of changing the pricing model from publisher Activision, it is very uncertain on what the future holds for the Call of Duty franchise. Luckily none of these issues prevented Treyarch from making a very solid and all around fun game. The "Kitchen Sink" approach was used jamming several things for you to do in this game, making it kind of difficult to list them all. The single player campaign is actually the most interesting story wise than previous Call of Duty games, taking place during pivotal moments of the Cold War. On the multiplayer front there is the silly cooperative zombies survival mode implementing many of the tweaks that were added with the World at War map packs. While the Zombies mode is fun, I still would have prefered the "Spec Ops" mode that was introduced in last year's Modern Warfare 2. Also there is the still very addictive competitive multiplayer. To make sure that this does not turn into a ten page report about all of the additions to the multiplayer, I going to skip talking about that.

    Yeah sure, it's another Call of Duty game, but there is a reason why this franchise is so popular. It is because the games are damn good, and Black Ops is no different.

  • I do not mean that this game is 11th on my list. When thinking about it, I could not think of a good place to put it on my list. Deadly Premontion is with out a doubt the weirdest game I have played in the past few years. Let me mention first that the gameplay, visuals, audio, and controls are all terrible. The gameplay is monotonous and uninteresting. The visuals look like they are from an early Playstation 2 game. The audio is often out of sync, or does not fit with the situation presented. The controls feel like you are playing Resident Evil 4 using a busted controller.

    So after all that, why would I bother mentioning this game on my Game of the Year list? Because the characters, and the story they take part in, are terrific. The silly antics and the deadpan delivery all the characters contribute to this experience, made it worth suffering through all of the game's shortcomings. In order to enjoy or even understand this game, you would have to be someone who loves playing video games. That is the reason why I would not recommend Deadly Premontion to everyone. However any game the uses the show "Twin Peaks" as their inspiration is a winner in my book.