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Games that I Currently Own

I'd figured that I should try out the list feature here at GB, and the best thing I could think to make a list of first would be on what games I own.  I'm also using this list as an excuse for me to make a brief statement on how I feel about  the games that I own. (I'm just eyeballing my shelf so these games are listed in order as I see them) I WILL UPDATE THIS LIST MORE AS TIME PASSES.

List items

  • I played this game for a few hours, and got no achievements. This is one of those games that make me wish I had more time to play games.

  • Nice co-op game to play with a buddy, but not very into the bromance. Janky, yet functional, not much else to say.

  • Awesome Game, but not much left to do once you finish it. I don't think I've played this game since I got my S-rank. Also makes me really look forward to the inevitable Assassin's Creed 3.

  • I got this game recently through Game Crazy's going out of business stuff. I have yet play it since I rented from game fly almost a year ago. Again I wish I had more time to play games.

  • Second favorite game of 2009. I own the Xbox 360 and PC versions of this game. I still need to get the full 1000 achievement points for the PC version. Also...I'm Batman?!

  • A fun multiplayer game to squad up with your buddies. I still haven't finished the single player though. I have played it in a while though, mainly because part two is out.

  • Great multiplayer experience, except as of lately it has been real laggy for me, so I haven't played as much.

  • Crazy over the top action mixed with a sexy librarian looking lady. But the best part of this game is when you're pretty much playing Space Harrier.

  • I like Whoppers I guess

  • Those monsters are bleeding numbers. Awesome!

  • Another game where I own the X360 and PC versions. My second favorite game of 2007. What can I say, this game set the standard for all first person shooters that have come out since then and left the gaming world in "Shock and Awe"

  • You know just like the one before, but with more Keith David and Eminem.

  • I got this game because of the 2010 endurance run. It is quite an interesting game, and I encourage anyone that plays video games to at least try this out. C'mon it's only $20.

  • Another case of me buying the game and not playing it. I hope to get to this one eventually, but I don't know if it will happen. By the way I own this on the X360 and PC.

  • The single player and horde mode were pretty good. The same cannot be said for the competitive multiplayer.

  • It's GTA, of course I would have this. I want to party with Brucie too.

  • All the kids are playing it. Great when it came out, but I don't really play it anymore.

  • You can jump out of an airplane thousands of feet in the air, sky dive towards the ground, fire your grapple hook towards the ground, fly even faster towards the ground when the grapple hook connects, and land totally unharmed. I think we have a winner.

  • An amazing racing-sim that hooked me in, even though I don't really like racing games.

  • It was packed in with Forza 2, have yet to play it.

  • My favorite game of 2007 and currently my favorite game franchise. I do admit that this game did have some problems, but it was very easy to overlook them because the narrative and the characters where so great. Own both the 360 and PC versions

  • What happens when you combine all the cool stuff about Star Wars and Star Trek(cool tech and epic battles as well as interesting character in compelling situations) and leave out all the bad stuff(Jedi, Sith, poor set designs and poor acting). You get Mass Effect 2, so far my favorite game of 2010 and one of my favorite games of all time. Own both the 360 and PC versions

  • Currently playing this game as I am writing this list and so far I'm diggin' it. I'll update this comment when I finish the game.

  • While it was still a good game, RE5 didn't live up to my expectations especially after the ground-breaking previous installment Resident Evil 4.

  • Lots of great music, fun to play with friends while drunk. Not much else to say.

  • Hey Bulldog is the best Beatles song ever made.

  • Wheresh myh daugtherh?!

  • If you liked Street Fighter 4 you'll probably like this one too.

  • Also bought this from the Game Crazy clearance stuff. I liked the first one so this should be good.

  • This game would have been my second favorite game of 2007 beating out COD4, but the story kind of fell apart at the last third of the game. Despite that, Bioshock creates one of the most interesting and visceral game worlds ever made in recent gaming history, and it should be praised for that.

  • Still arguably the best looking game to date despite the game being near 3 years old. Very fun game, but I mainly use this game now as a benchmarking tool rather than a game.

  • Like the regular game, you're just playing as the guy with the accent now.

  • Great game, great story, and great characters. The only problem I had was that I played Persona 4 before I played this one, so playing with the older game mechanics was kind of rough.

  • I bought this game because of the 2009 Giant Bomb Endurance Run. My second favorite game of 2008.(came out December 2008, but played in 2009) I logged a very large amount of time for a game that does not have any multiplayer component. The last time I checked I had over 300 hours of game time logged. That's ridiculous.

  • My Game of the Year for 2008, MGS4 creates one of the most unique and engaging game experiences in recent gaming memory. Its' combination of over the top storytelling and tight and compelling gameplay mechanics, make this a game that should not be missed by anyone

  • It came with the Headset.

  • My Game of the Year for 2009. This game is a perfect example of how originality isn't always needed to make an incredible game. Sometimes all you need is just proper execution to make a game that's not just compelling, but more importantly just straight up FUN.