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  • civid posted a message on the post Derek Yu's Top 10 Games of 2020.

    I remember playing the shit out of Pockey and Rockey and loving it as a kid. It was one of the only co-op games we had for the SNES (or N64 for that matter). I didn't beat it either until long into m...

  • civid posted a message on the post The HotSpot - Episode 393.

    This was a ton of fun to listen to. So much insane history, great people and weird choices, so much drama! The blindspot on the Dark Souls-series is fascinating. Good times all around. One thing, I ha...

  • civid posted a message on the post Immortals Fenyx Rising 10/22/2020.

    This really just made me appreciate how well designed BOTW is. Also how pivotal something like weapon degredation and proper stamina bars are to make the world feel alive and the player a part of it....