The Modern Warfare 2 Challenge: Get the KDR over 1!


       I have never really been that great at online shooters. I’m not a terrible player, but I’ve never really been one to be at the top of the scoreboard. Well nothing like a good year of college to change that! About a month and a half ago I started playing Modern Warfare 2 on my friend/roommates 360 (I don’t own a 360, the last system I bought was a PS2 and I have a decent PC. My friend has a Wii and a 360 so I just play his games). I did okay for just starting out, going about 10 kills to 14 deaths every game on average. So I played a few games, then my friend asked me to check what his KDR was. He had it at about 1.2 at around level 30 (he doesn’t play too much). To our horror the KDR was down to .85, roughly 560 more deaths than kills. It turns out that our friend who lives down the hall had been playing on the account for quite a while and he is really bad at the game. I of course was only slowly making the ratio worse so I decided I was going to stop playing, until my friend gave me a challenge. I had to play enough to get better and then get the KDR back over 1. I couldn’t play any other games until I had accomplished that goal. I accepted, and after countless hours of Modern Warfare 2 I am proud to say the goal is complete!

            It was rough in the beginning. I started out using the M4A1 with the Spas-12 shotgun. I used frag grenade and flash bangs and my perks were slight of hands, hardline, and commando. My killstreak was UAV, Care package, and Predator Missile. At the time of starting this challenge the character level was 39. I struggled a lot with this set up. I averaged having 2-4 more deaths than kills every game. My best games were 2-4 kills more than deaths. Hardline helped a lot for getting a care package and predator missile quicker.

            As I started to get better at the game I began switching things up to see what I liked best. I played with the AUG for quite a while, but than finally settled on the Scar-H with the Spas-12. I used slight of hands, and commando perks still, but I switched hardline out for stopping power. I found out that the Scar with stopping power is a very beastly combination and I quickly began racking up more and more kills.

            Slowly but surely I got the KDR up. For some reason I did really well when I equipped the Scar with the ACOG sight so I continued to use it. I also switched from frag grenades to semtex because I find them much easier to kill people with. For my death streak I choose final stand, but thankfully I did not have to use that too often. Once I got decent at the game it only took me two nights of playing to get 250 more kills than deaths. I entered the last game with 6 kills to go. I started the game out with six straight kills and immediately exited out in victory. It took me roughly 2 and a half days (60 hours) worth of playing time to be victorious. My friend was pretty pumped that I fixed his KDR for him and our friend down the hall is no longer allowed to play the game ha ha.

Now I am level 64 first prestige with a KDR of 1.04, roughly 400 more kills than deaths. I know that’s not very impressive at all, but it is for me personally. I use the Scar-H with the ACOG sight and the Spas-12 with semtex grenade and flash bangs. Even though I love fast reloading I switched slight of hands for scavenger since the Scar tears through ammo like crazy. I still use stopping power and commando. My killstreak is now predator missile, harrier airstrike, and chopper gunner. After playing the game for a total of about 4 days played time now, here are my personal favorites, dislikes, and greatest moments.

Favorite Gun: Scar-H

Favorite attachment: ACOG site

Favorite Killstreak: Chopper Gunner

Favorite Perk: Stopping Power

Favorite Map: Estate

Other Maps I Like: Sub Base, Scrapyard,

Favorite Game Mode (besides Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all): Domination

Most Annoying Weapon: The Noob Tube of course

Least Favorite Killstreak: Care Package- It helped me out when I first started playing, but I really don’t like how someone who gets four kills in a row can get a chopper gunner or AC130

Least Favorite Map: Underpass

Other Maps I don’t Like: Invasion, Afghan, Wasteland

The most annoying thing people complain about in game chat: Campers

My Best Moments

My Best Game: 30 Kills 1 Death

My Most Kills in a Game: 38 Kills (9 deaths)

The highest Killstreak I have gotten: 19 (I used a care package in my 30 kill 1 death game)

The highest Killstreak Reward I have gotten (not including care package rewards): Chopper Gunner

Cool Moments: 1. Omnicide: Killing the whole team in 10 seconds 2. The Grim Reaper: Killing five people with a Predator Missile

My Current title: Omnicide (killing the entire enemy team in 10 seconds)

My Current Emblem: Pave Low (call in 25 pave lows)

Thanks for ! Questions? Comments?