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Home Invasion, Persona, iOS, and Chili.

It's around quarter to twelve there now and 45 minutes ago a car drove by my house really slowly, with the passenger window down and a person looking in at the house. Did I mention I'm in the rich part of town house siting while the family is out of the country?


So I'm kinda paranoid someones gonna break in, murder me and steal all the things. I'm currently camped out in front of the living room window watching to see if they come back, so to ease my mind I'm gonna talk about video games. Those are awesome and aren't trying to kill me, right?


I have a confession. I own every single Persona game (except for P2:EP), but I've never played more than 3 hours of one. I'm horrible I know. I've always loved the look of the games, style-wise and setting. I first got P3, just before 4 came out I believe but never really gave it any time. Then the endurance run happened and I went out and bought 4 but again, never got far into it, or watched the endurance run for the sake of spoilers. As each of the PSP ports/remakes came out, I got those too just to say I have them to play someday.

Now a few years later, I've started playing Persona 3 Portable this past Sunday and I'm finally hooked on it. I'm somewhere around 25 hours into it with the female protagonist on easy (Summer is almost over). What an amazing game this is. I can't beilve I waited this long to play it. I am curious how it plays out without that "The Answer" chapter that was included in FES though. Hopefully it's nothing to important.

So there's that, and the game I've been playing more than any other is Fairway Solitaire HD on my iPad. That game is like crack. While on the subject of iOS games, has anyone completed a full story based game on the platform? I can't find a way to keep my attention like other portable systems, probably because it does so much else and I'm always getting updates from iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Emails, etc. There's so much else to do on the device that it always draws my attention away. I'm probably an isolated case though, as when it comes to my iPhone I'm like a child on sugar jumping around between apps on it. I bought Chaos Rings way back when it was on sale but never played it, I'm gonna see how that is sometime in the future.

It's been an hour now and there hasn't been any sign of that car again. I'm gonna go back away from the window now before I go bananas. Also I made Dave's Chili today, my first time ever making chili and first time eating it too. Made chili-dogs to go with it and was quite impressed with it even though my mouth was on fire and I needed a shower after I was done eating. Also, it was took me forever to find pinto beans in this city. Newfoundland, Canada is kinda far from the south, so there isn't a whole lot of demand for Mexican food (should be criminal to not have Mexican food) here but I managed to find some next to the taco stuff along with the canned jalapeƱos.

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