Games I May / May Not Play In 2017 and Beyond, Due to Grad School

2016 sure was a weird year for me. Do you know what else is going to be weird? Going back to school!!

In January 2017, I will be starting my Masters. Depending on a few different variables, I will be done with the program within 2 or 3 years. Between that and working full time, I imagine I'm going to be pretty damn busy! So busy that it is easy to justify not really buying any new videogames, even if I can still afford them. I mean, who has the time?

That said, there are also a few games that I am dying to play. And there are plenty of games I haven't played yet for one reason or another. Will I ever actually play these games within the next, let's say, 3 years? I bet for the majority, I'm going to say "No". But god, I hope no matter what I am at least able to finish some of these games.

Note: Before I sit down to write my GOTY list, I'm looking at beating all of or at least some of the following games. There are many, many more I would like to have played, but this is me being realistic in the middle of December. So these are kind of the honorable mentions to this list I guess:

There are a number of games I would like to replay, like Grandia II and Valkyria Chronicles, because, sure, why not?

List items

  • If I do manage to play any new 2017 games within the year 2017, it's gonna be Persona 5. I mean, it has to be. Even if that means I stop playing my go-to games like Overwatch, never dig through my Steam or PS4 backlog, I stop watching TV, movies, and Giant Bomb content, or even if Persona 5 is literally the only 2017 game I ever play, I will finish this damn game in a reasonable amount of time. How I actually do that is to be determined.

  • Night in the Woods has been a game I have been eagerly anticipating for a number of years now (I was a backer of the original Kickstarter). It also seems like the game that I am the most likely to finish, since it will be released one week before I go back to school. As long as this secretly isn't a 30+ hour game, I'm pretty sure I'll plow through this before I lose all of my free time.

  • So I've already started playing Final Fantasy XV. I've put in about 10 hours into the game and have enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I bought it out of intellectual obligation. After hearing about a game I wanted to play for more or less 10 years, I had to know what this thing actually is. Turns out it's alright and at times even great. As a side note, playing a game between Thanksgiving and packing up to move is not exactly the ideal time to play a console JRPG. There might be a chance where I actually finish this game before I go back to school (I doubt it), but we'll see.

  • YYYOOOOOOOOO!!! They're actually releasing this in the West! Oh man, if I buy that crazy Hatsune Miku controller and buy this game, I'll be set for like forever!

    In all honesty, I can see myself actually buying both of those things. The songs are pretty short, so I could see myself playing this game for 15 or 20 minutes at a time and having my fill for the day. That seems alright for somebody with no free time!

  • In terms of big, shiny, fancy, spanking new AAA games, Horizon: Zero Dawn is my most anticipated 2017 release following Persona 5 and Night in the Woods. It feels like this game is going to be something really cool. I truly hope it delivers on what is sets out to do. Regardless, I'm sure I'm going to hear about the consensus long before I actually get to play it.

  • Danganronpa 1 and 2 are absolutely incredible games. The way both of those games ended, I'm not sure exactly where they plan on going with things, but if it is on par with both of those games with the same great localization, I can't wait to play this game. This might be my top visual novel priority in 2017 / the future. Speaking of visual novels...

  • Steins;Gate (and now Steins;Gate 0) is a game I've been threatening to play for years. I own not one, but two copies of it. Since one of those versions is for the Vita, I can actually see a scenario where I have it in rest mode and play it for 20 to 30 minutes each night until I 100% the game. Well, that may also be my strategy to get through Persona 5, so who knows. I would love to play this game, but I never found a really good time to sink into too many visual novels this year with all the stuff that's been going on. I'll see you in the future, Steins;Gate.

  • XCOM 2 should be somewhere on my GOTY 2016 list when I finally sit down and write it. It is on my "short list" (which actually has about 10 to 20 different games I feel like I should have played this year) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown is regarded as one of my favorite games released over the past 5 to 10 years. But let's be real. I'm planning on writing my GOTY list in about one to two weeks. I'm not going to have enough time to take the deep dive into XCOM 2 this year. Next year? Ha! Probably not either, but we'll see.

  • Similar to XCOM 2, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a game I bought at some point in 2016 and realized I somehow ran out of time in 2016 to devote myself to this game. It looks rad though, and I never played the original.

  • By the time this game finally comes out, it will be past the 5th anniversary of Mass Effect 3 and the wet fart that ending lingered over the franchise. It seems like BioWare is taking Mass Effect: Andromeda in the right direction (although I wish they introduce plenty of new things in the new galaxy. If we get nothing but Asari and Krogran again, that is uninspiring). Despite my mixed feelings on ME3, Mass Effect 2 is still one of my favorite games and I would love to play more games set in this universe.

  • Thank you Dave Lang for keeping the dream alive.

    Hey man, I briefly looked into how much it would cost to buy a Neo Geo just so I could play Windjammers. If the PS4 re-release of this game is great and everything it should be with functional online multiplayer, I can see this turning into a nightly ritual for me. I'm going to buy this game anyways, but I sure hope it also delivers on that front.

  • Alright, this obviously isn't a game. But at the time of this writing there are plenty of unknowns about it. What will the first 3D Mario game be like? What about the first 2D Mario? Will they finally release a true Pokemon game on an actual console, instead of a handheld I never want to play? Are there any big videogame surprises, like Splatoon was a few years ago, in the pipeline? Will I ever play an Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem game? Are there going to be any weird Atlus games? How deep will they go for virtual console games? And perhaps most importantly...

  • The last Legend of Zelda game I played was Majora's Mask. I missed out on all of the Gamecube, Wii, DS, and 3DS titles. Depending on who you ask, I've either missed out on some of the best games from the past decade or missed out on a franchise spinning its wheels. The verdict is still out on if Breath of the Wild will be a great game, but at this point it is almost a guarantee that this game will at least be something different.

    Going back to the Switch, I already own a Wii U, so I don't really have any reason to buy a Switch to play Zelda. But it is still an incredibly exciting and interesting time for Nintendo and their new console could be the gateway into a decade of Nintendo history I missed since between the N64 and the Wii U.

    The last thing I should do is buy a new gaming console with such a limited amount of time. However, if the price is right and Breath of the Wild runs better on a Switch than a Wii U, then I might pick up that system and Breath of the Wild on there. For what other games are released on the Switch and if I'll ever play them, I'll just have to wait and see.

  • In reality, The Last of Us Part II is towards the top of my hype list. I also know this game ain't coming out in 2017. We're talking 2018 at the earliest. At this stage, it is hard to draw up the attention and enthusiasm for a game with no gameplay footage and few details, like, "Is this even a game yet, or do you guys just have that trailer?". But when this game finally does come out! Oh, that will be the day.

  • Following up on XCOM 2, Civ VI is another game I should have played. Unlike XCOM 2, I don't own this game yet and purposely didn't buy it, due to a desire to not buy a $60 game when I already had a pile of 20 other games I should have played. At this rate, I might be fine waiting for an expansion (...or two) before I am ready to jump back into Civilization.

  • On a similar note to Steins;Gate, this is one of those games where it feels like I should really sit down and play at some point. It is relatively lower on the made up priorities list I have in my head especially with the third Danganronpa game around the corner, but I would like the time to actually experience this visual novel, since I really enjoyed the anime.

  • The only other Tales game I completed was Tales of Graces f, in which I (somehow) put in about 150 hours into it. I think I've been putting off Tales of Zestiria in case if something like that happened again. With more and more Tales games coming out in the West, it seems like Zestiria is the better of those recent games and I should bust open the Steam copy I have before I do anything crazy like buy Tales of Berseria or something.

  • Man. This was the top of my 2015 games to play in 2016, but here we are. Hell, Cyberpunk 2077 might actually come out before I get to finish The Witcher 3. Between building a new computer and since all of the DLC for this game is out, I can see myself still playing this game at some point.

  • Valkyria Revolution may not be that great of a game. Who can say? It's not out anywhere and it is a different type of game than the original Valkyria Chronicles. But this is at least a good excuse to say "Hey, Valkyria Chronicles is a really great game" again, and I'm legitimately curious to see how this game turns out.

  • This seems like a bad idea. Is Crusader Kings II a game anybody with limited amount of time should play? I assume not, but there it sits under my "Play Next" category in Steam. Someday I would like to play this, but this is perhaps one of the games I'm real about not finding the time to ever play.

  • On a similar note to some of the other games that don't have any clear signs of when they are coming out, I can't wait to play Death Stranding. This is lower on my list due to realistic expectations. It seems like Kojima is making this game relatively quickly, but also the cycle on past Metal Gear Solid games has been anywhere from three to five years. Until we know when this game is coming out or until we know what this game actually is besides weird imagery wrapped around a bunch of baby stuff, I can't get super excited for Death Stranding quite yet.

  • Detroit: Become Human is a coin toss. Heavy Rain is a great game in my opinion and holds up better in terms of the interactive story elements than some people may realize (although you can break it in a few crippling ways too, so it probably balances out). Beyond: Two Souls was an interesting, but overall not good game with a heavy handiness and story hiccups that were not present in other story and decision based games that came out since Heavy Rain, like The Walking Dead and Life is Strange. Quantic Dreams's tech continues to impress, but based on how Beyond turned out, I have some doubts if David Cage is able to deliver another success that rivals Heavy Rain for me. However, if this game turns out pretty good, great! I'll definitely look into picking up this game.

  • This is a game that doesn't even have a page in the wiki and exists in the form of a press release. It sounds like there will be a Life Is Strange 2 / LIS: Part II / LIS: Season 2 / LIS: <Insert Subtitle Here> at some point. If and when that games comes out and if it is similar in style to the original, it will quickly pop up towards the top of my must play list. Until then, I'll just wait around and hear what they have to say.

  • I don't really have a lot to say about Tacoma, since I haven't really been following this game's development, and as a result don't have a lot of impressions or expectations for what this game is going to be. All I have to say is I really liked Gone Home, and would like to see the next game from Fullbright.

  • And to just throw out one last game that is eventually coming out in some point in (probably) 2018, God of War could be dope.

  • lol. It's a Sonic game. Let's get excited for a Sonic game, guys. ha ha ha.

    I know, I know. I'm optimistic about this specific Sonic game. I have paid zero attention to a lot of the Sonic games that have been released in recent years--such as Sonic Boom--only to find out they turned out atrocious or disappointing in some way. (Well, at least Sonic Colors and Generations seemed alright) Maybe this game will be good. If it is, I'll probably check it out. If it's not, I probably won't care, because it's Sonic, man.