Au Revoir!

Yeah, decided that i will actually work in school this year then party day after exams so.. see ya!!


What a spot of luck!

Well so i went to Gamestation to buy my gran a nintendo DS ans we bought a bundle with a game, which we would trade in for one we thought she'd enjoy. And we found it was guitar hero special, so i got a new DS and GH on tour, which is really cool!


A day playing Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

Today was spent well. While at ben's house, I brought my Wii and Re-Uc, and thus we played. About 4 hours later and a couple of packets of maltesers we finally came upon Nemesis. I just have to say that those 4 hours were genuine fun, it's a really fun, scary and someway satisfying when you see that you got more critical shots than your mate, and he just argues - "meh, i got more broken scenery!". I recomend this game to anyone that has a Wii and anyone that doesn't. 


I just Kicked the Bucket

Yeah, after having Guitar Hero 2 for only 2 days, I have finally kicked that damn bucket!! I now need to get a life.

Kick the Bucket Award
Beat Jordan on Expert - 30
Acquired 25/7/2008