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Giant Bombs don't kill people, people with Giant Bombs kill people. I then learned to stop worrying and love the Giant Bomb.

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Playing games since the 70s, still playing.

Ryan on July 8, 2010 @onarum said:


" @onarum said:

" I don't know about this, I feel like since now they are sharing the same space with a bunch of other people, we won't see as much as the crazy videos they used to put out, like they won't have the same amount of freedom. "

pff since when have they ever asked permission to do anything. "
well, it's not about having permission or anything, it's more like not getting in the way of other people jobs you know, like they wouldn't be filming and joking around as much so they wouldn't be a nuisance to people that are trying to edit or write something. like this weeks podcast, at the end there was a guy asking them if they would be wrapping up already because or some event or something that would be going on there. before they had their own space, so that was not a problem, but now is totally different. "

That was Sean Coonce, developer extraordinaire, asking if we wanted to come and drink a bunch of booze with the rest of the Whiskey team. So, no, I don't really see this being much of a problem.

Yeah, the nature of our space has changed, but GIANT BOMB IS STILL THE SAME. If I knew how to edit myself around other people, I wouldn't be here in the first goddamn place.