Claude's Candy Corner: A run on XBL Arcade

The runs. They're nasty no matter the take. You piss out your ass and seem to piss away any nutrition in return. What you buy is always a mistake.
Quick look, quick fix, fun for points and no return. Unless you know the pun. Fun...
The Walking Dead is worth every wait. Every moment is a pure take in a world where gameplay takes place. 
To play, to play the game, marks your grave.
Market, that's us, mark it. 
I ain't no fool, but I've been fooled. I know when a game is good or bad and when it's my fault on the prior. 
It's hard to get into games when you're just searching for that...something. Trials Evolution...something. It's a video game. 
I'm not sure where I am now with my gaming. It's such a hit and miss. Nothing has a taste anymore. Except The Walking Dead. 
Should I pull the trigger on the next...?
Video Games

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