Claude's Candy Corner: It's A Trap!

Don't look at me. Don't you fucking look at me. I'm playing video games...    
Mark of the Ninja is killer in every aspect of its being. Being played by me of course. Play me, just play me, it says. 


I wanna play old again. What will it be? Half Life 2 and its episodes you say. Maybe...
Dishonored looks, well, last gen, but the gameplay seems intriguing. Does it not? 
Fucking Peggle... are you kidding me?
In a world
of video games
there stands one supreme
we will never know that dream.
Wii U dream. It comes and goes and comes and goes again. A little like the old in and out if you ask me. I'm fucked when it comes to the Wii U dream.  
Tethered souls of game consoles. They make or break our dreams. Still no PS3 this gen, meh, gen my ass, I missed games. I missed out. Never say never...
A world apart. I now work for money. Got a job. 4 on 4 off 12 hour days. I work nights. Culture change. 
May your video game dreams come true and let the next game be your true addiction. Passion is priceless and video games cost money. 
Play them hard and play them to win. Unless that's not your pleasure, then play them to grin... grief not young soul, your time will come.