Claude's Candy Corner: The Games We Play

When I think of candy, I think of chocolate. I was allergic as a kid but grew out of it. Now it's my flavor...flavour for that other crowd.


When I play video games, it reminds me of being a kid. I didn't have video games when I was real young. My family bought an Atari 2600 when I was 13.
I play video games.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Wii
The best motion plus game on the market. I should say the best motion game on the market. But it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Certain aspects of the game left me scratching my head. A small gripe was the bug and item collecting. Why did I have to see the same cutscene when I already had more than one of the item after loading up the game from a previous save. The game is fat. Trim that fat Nintendo. The Spirit Realms works as far as gameplay, but was it needed? Hell no. I could have lived without four of those motherfuckers. At one point I had traveled far only to have to go back to a previous place and then come back to where I was only to be left with an escort mission. Really? Thanks for that assholes. Still, the game was cool. The time manipulation and the beetle were my favorites. I beat it, that's all that matters.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Xbox 360 
They got the vibe right that's for sure. The gameplay was even better. I have never played a game that went from first person to third person so seamlessly. The layout of the environments became like puzzles that needed to be solved. I did a lot of trial and error, but I'm a stealth guy looking for a different route in. The cutscenes were funky as hell though and the boss fights could suck my dick. But everything else was spectacular. If this isn't a game to grow on, I don't know video games. I want to see a new one and hope it's being made by the same developer. Good stuff. Thief 4 should be a hoot. I hope we see something at E3.
Still Playing: 
Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City. The Ballad of Gay Tony: Xbox 360 
I'm still playing this one. It's a lot different than Lost and Damned. The main character and the other characters aren't as tightly drawn as with Lost and Damned. But there's plenty of playtime to be played. I feel like Rockstar did this on purpose. I'm working on it. I did some base jumping but it wasn't what I was expecting and the game is still kind of hard. I die a lot, but learn and finally prevail.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters: Xbox 360 and bought the Wii version again.
I played the demo of TW13 on the Xbox 360. I think I'm going to skip this year's version. It will be the first version I've skipped in years. I don't have Kinect but fuck that shit, I can read and see that it's shit. I don't own a PS3, so I don't know about the Move version, but I frequent the EA forums and it doesn't seem better than the greatest of all the motion golf games...TW12 for the Wii. 
Actually, I just bought the Wii version again. I bought it last year but hurt my shoulder and couldn't play it the way it was meant to be played, so I traded it in for the Xbox 360 version. By the way, the Xbox 360 version of TW12 is a great game. Analog control at its best.
Just bought:
Little King's Story: Wii
It's like an RPG Pikmin or something. There's no motion control, but there's a lot going on. You're a King, you upgrade your town, your recruit members for specific jobs, you go out on quests and hopefully rule the world. That last part is a guess. I'm about 10 hours in and it's a very unique game. Being like Pikmin, your group can get rather cumbersome at times and you lose them while on quests.  Interesting game, but I might have to put it down for a while. Because...
Xenoblade Chronicles: Wii
I'm getting this game this week. I can't wait. I've never played a real JRPG. Unless you count Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. But yeah, no Final Fantasy, no Square games no nothing. I'm scared and excited. I hope I like it. 
Indie Game Corner: Ancient Trader: Xbox Live Indie

This is a turn based game. It plays somewhat like an economic, rock/paper/scissors card based combat sim. The artwork is awesome and the simple but sublime buy low sell high and military cards upgrade system becomes apparent quickly. There's a PC version, but I don't know much about that. 
Hey, that's it. Take care and GLHGBCBSi