Claude's Candy Corner: With Love for Gods and the Prostitute.

We love them. We play them. We pay them. We come back for more.
If ever I describe my feelings of longevity stop me, but Dishonored was full of ripe love wasted on a few missteps of love misinterpreted. Love me long, but don't whiskey dick my ass. But I will replay with nothing but supreme chaos intended.
When will I show my finishing move in any video game lore such as Mark of the Ninja, when I plan on it, that's when. Seriously, there's something wrong with Mark of the Ninja's save system. Damn, fuck it. Maybe I'm too simple to grasp it. It's just too big for me.
I once played a game to just play it.
Anno sounds dirty so we Americans call it Dawn of Discovery. But 1404 is the size of my adventure reacquainted. Sometimes the pleasure gets to be too much with micromanagement and all, but the outcome is pure joy.
On the cheap side of town: NBA playing on the other side of the tracks. Civ Rev...speaking of other side, dark side. 
Batman: Arkham City ain't that good. Not feeling it. I haven't been returning phone calls.
Why do PC players bitch about people playing PC games with an Xbox 360 controller? Hell, it's the PC...Personal Choice.  
So much to finish, when do we really finish. This blog is done.