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Game Informer #105 January 2002: Playstation 2 Reviews

I traded in my Dreamcast and bought a PS2 in 2001. It was a great deal. I played a quite a few of these games.

List items

  • 9.75 -The Power of Expression- "Without question, Final Fantasy X is Sakaguchi's most ambitious project yet, and is a radical departure from the formula we've become accustomed to. As you well know, in the past, characters would pantomime to text that would flash across the screen. In Final Fantasy X, every character has a synchronized voice, which in turn presents lifelike qualities and the true essence of drama. Even if you don't approve of all the changes that Square Soft has installed, I'm sure you'll agree that Final Fantasy X is a breakthrough release, a visionary tale, and a masterpiece for the ages." -Reiner- *Second Opinion* 9.75 -Justin-

  • 9.25 -Zelda, Mario, And Crash All Rolled Into One- "Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy feels as though it were shot out of Shigeru Miyamoto's cannon. For those of you who thrive on platformers, or count the days until the next Zelda release, or simply want to play a game that is continually rewarding, Jak and Daxter is the title you've been waiting for." -Reiner- *Second Opinion* 9 -Matt- "I played this one, it was great" -Claude-

  • 9.25 -EA's Got A Brand New Bond- "I hesitate to call any game that bears the 007 logo a sleeper, but with the incredible number of triple-A titles being released for PlayStation 2 this holiday season, it's possible that many will overlook Agent Under Fire." -Matt- *Second Opinion* 9 -Andy- "Cool game" -Claude-

  • 7 -The Slaughter Continues- "Koel's battle cry remains constant. In fact, if the Dynasty Warrior 3 logo ddn't flash across the screen, I'd swear I was playing the previous installment all over again." -Reiner- *Second Opinion* 6.5 -Kato-

  • 7.75 -Welcome To The Jungle- "I think kids are going to find Tarzan Untamed cool enough, but due to its oft-frustrating difficulty, only the most determined will make any headway into the game." -Justin- *Second Opinion* 7.75 -Matt- "Surprisingly fun" -Claude-

  • 9.5 -2K2's Gutsy Road Win- "If you're a Dreamcast owner, you'd have every right to think you got screwed once you play this PS2 version, for here is where the true 2K2 resides. The Dreamcast? It's been left in the dust." -Kato- *Second Opinion* 7.75 -Kristian- "Oh yeah, I ate this one up" -Claude-

  • 7.75 -Gunter Gueben Glauchen Globen- "Aside from this entertaining gimmick, Burnout is a solid driver, with agood control and some decent graphics, but that's about it." -Justin- *Second Opinion* 6.75 -Kato- "I liked it better than these guys" -Claude-

  • 6.75 -Drops A Load- "It doesn't live up to the legacy of the series." -Andy- *Second Opinion* 6.5 -Reiner-

  • 6 -Have and Have Nots- "It's as if developer In Utero was inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day, but lacks the experience Rare has to back up a solid concept." -Kato- *Second Opinion* 3 -Matt-

  • 5 -Some Things Are Best Left Overseas- Andy *Second Opinion* 4.25 -Kristian-

  • 7.75 -Fear Roger Bacon- "It's no Final Fantasy, but RPG fans will appreciate its peculiar story and gameplay." -Andy- *Second Opinion* 7.25 -Reiner-

  • 7.25 "Atlus has taken this Japanese RPG under its wing, and taken the good and less-than-good aspects along with it." -Kato-

  • 5.5 "...nothing more than a decent-looking puzzle game with a few gun battles thrown in." -Kristian-

  • 2.5 "It would seem this title was created with the specific purpose of torturing those who play." -Reiner-

  • 6.5 "...I'd skip it." -Matt-

  • 4 "Originally destined for the now defunct Dreamcast, ...should have followed poor old Dreamcast to the grave." -Andy-

  • 5 "...the only thing it does is put you in a world of hurt." -Kato-

  • 6 "but this is still a not-ready-for-PrimeTime player." -Kato-

  • 4 -A Bloody Mess- "The Brits have an expression, "bog standard," which basically means that something is average or run-of-the-mill." -Matt- *Second Opinion* 4.5 -Andy-